Mail Boxes Etc. now to be called the UPS Store

I guess the acquisition is complete. Mail Boxes Etc. is becoming the UPS Store. My assumption is that your shipping options are going to become limited to one choice: UPS
Forewarned is forearmed. Stay tune to see what Brown can do TO you...
Maybe paying UPS to pack AND ship will resolve claims issues over broken stuff.

You know, where they use the old excuse that the "customer" failed to pack the item properly?
Do you think we'll be paying standard UPS rates, or will they keep the surcharges?

Isn't UPS and acronym for Unusually Poor Service? I have had very good luck with FedEx and they set you up as an account at no charge and supply you with lables,envelopes,boxes etc at no charge. Their tracking system is superior and when you call for help they actually want to help
I'm biased because the lady who drives the UPS truck brings my dog biscuits. My local MBE owner said the price will be lower for UPS but obviously there won't be a choice any longer.
I am looking for forward to the change. Mail Box Etc. is sooo much better than my local UPS. A Box employee told me that UPS shipping rates out of Mail Box will be cheaper after UPS takes over than than they are right now. I know its hard not be be paranoid about it, but it might work out well. If you like Fedex, there's always Kinkos.
That's kind of a shame, I dealt with Mail Boxes a few time and it may have been expensive they were GREAT, a real shame :( Maybe UPS will be able to keep it up- though I am skeptic.
hello,it seems to me that mail box etc(now ups store) nothing really related with UPS,, they charge lower price on ups shipping, which put the sender to ship package by ups, however, the price etc.. is not same as what you can ship from ups .....uhmm???
You don't get a "tracking number" at the UPS Store. You get a customer number If I remember right. I don't think you can check it online. you have to call the store.
The insurance issue SHOULD (and I think is) be no problem; they charge an arm and a leg to pack, double the UPS counter rate for the shipping, and $1/$100 for insurance. Recently charged over $90 to double box and ship a DVD player that UPS web site rate was about $30.00!!!!
I don't know about UPS Store labeled outlets, but at my local MBE which is owned by UPS I got a tracking number which worked with online tracking. This doesn't mean I wasn't uneasy until the buyer reported everything was in order at his end.

A friend who ships breakable items told me that she had to prove her packaging would survive a 20 foot drop to satisfy UPS insurance requirements. I think a company which plans to drop my goods from 20 ft. doesn't deserve my business.
Hey Y'all,

All of this is why I use the good old U.S. Postal Service. Always have and always will.......John
Yea, but John try dropping off 300+lbs. of speakers at the post office and see how far you get ;) they are good for smaller items but when you need to ship heavy stuff you have to go else where.
Jrwr7 and Tim raise good points. For small items like cables and CDs, its just about impossible to beat USPS. $4.00 plus insurance for 2-3 day service cross-country. Have to go the extra for registered mail or Express if its really high value, tho, since the so-called delivery confirmation is essentially worthless.
I just encountered the new UPS business model today. I went to ship a DAC I just sold at my local UPS depot counter. I haven't been there since the purchase of Mailboxes Etc.

What I found was one clerk serving a room full of customers, where formerly there were two or three. She made a big producion out of checking packages for correct packing. In fact, this seemed to be her major role, aside from collecting money.

In the past, UPS would help beef up the packaging if they could. Now the clerk simply advised people to take their non-compliant packages to the nearest Mailboxes Etc for packing assistance. Of course they didn't mention that it might cost a bit...

Fortunately for me my shipment was packed in original factory boxing, so she couldn't really complain about it.

Watch out next time you bring in a self packed item.
The lack of a tracking number from the UPS store can be a real hassle.

I recently sold a preamp to a customer that lives ~150 miles away (NYC). At his request, I had the preamp in its original box, doubleboxed. I had my local UPS store do it. I requested a tracking number, they were swamped and asked me to call back later. I did and they ignored me. ~ 4 days later, my customer advises me he has yet to receive the preamp. I call the store and go over again and demand a tracking #. My customer also calls, they hang up ojnj him 3x. They finally try and track for me and advise status as out for delivery. I look at the number they give me it says that the package did not leave until that day(Friday).

The package showed up the following Monday at my customer's address. With this unprofessional behavior, I will never use UPS again. Even though Fedex ground is 15 miles away, I will use them. The purchase of Kinko's by Fedex in the near future will certainly make it easier to do business with Fedex.
I recently returned an amp I auditioned via ups and they made me pay for "their packing" because the original box had one small indent. Even though the dealer sent it in the original box, ups said they have been told not to send without repacking. Their rational was "the ups drivers don't know the value of the item, so we need to repack to insure. Now I ask you, if you were a ups driver who on a daily basis picked up and delivered audio equipment to a high-end dealer you would not have ANY idea what you have? When I told the salesperson, he thought ups was full of it. I bought the amp and sent mine via fedex.