Mahogany Rush

Hello all Frank Marino fans & all. He´s one of the very finest of Jimi Hendrix followers w/ his own sound and style.
Is there yet any pro shoot footage old or new available, maybe a DVD worth to buy. Thanks for your input
If you were a teenage kid learning guitar in the mid 70's, Frank Marino  and Mahogany Rush was one of the bands to follow, alongside the usual suspects.

I was too young to catch the 60's gods in their prime, so FM, Robin Trower, and a few others-Johnnny Winter, Ronnie Montrose...were the guys I listened to, and wore their records out tying to cop their guitar licks on my cheap Les Paul copy.;_ylt=Awr9NVfnnENcNgMAYDq5mWRH;_ylu=X3oDMTBzcTEzcHZxBHNlYwN...

I think it was the moustach and platform shoes that helped Frank shred before shred became a common  term for guitar virtuosity in the 80's.

Thanks for the memories.
Sure he was one of the moustache guitar gods in the incredible 70´s, alongside Mick Box, Tony Iommi, Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa, etc ...
namely the Gibson SG moustache gods  :^)

Yes, it was Frank Marino who was the first to truly shred, and I still like his style and sound. Most shredders in the 80´s were musically below Marino´s level and actually quite boring. It was meant to be Joe Satriani who took shredding and the whole electric guitar playing to the highest level, to teach young guitarists such as Kirk Hammet and Steve Vai to develop their sound. I think Satriani actually invented modern "metal" guitar playing and is the only new generation guitar god that I can stand today, people like Petrucci plays zillion notes flawlessly but can´t touch me mentally not emotionally.

To my great surprise I couldn´t find one decent DVD of Frank´s music for sale online anywhere. It´s a strange universe we are living in. 
"Mick Box, Tony Iommi, Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa, etc ..."

Great pick of players there,Harold.

For awhile, I followed UFO and was a fan of Michael Schenker. I lost interest in the guitar bands once the 80's came around. Didn't get into Satch,Vai etc. 

The guitar centric bands like Dream Theater(Petrucci) and the like, didn't get my attention either. Great guitar playing, but it never grabbed my attention like the early 70's prog bands-Yes, King Crimson,ELP, Genesis...

Frank unfortunately remains under the radar with main stream, rock guitar fans.

I will always dig Franks interpretations of Jimi's work.

Glad I got to see Frank live in England way back when!
A bit of trivia here; How did Frank come up with the name of Mahogany Rush? BTW, Juggernaut is all killer, no filler. Love the guitar/solo on "Ditch Queen"...