Mahler, Piano and Strings in A Minor

Hi, I watched the movie Shutter Island last night. Great flick, creeped out my wife a bunch though!

There is a scene that has a LP spining and Leonardo asks what it is "Mahler, Piano and Strings in A minor." I looked it up, in this film, it was played by the Prazak Quartet, but it seems the only way to get his is buying the soundtrack.

Any other great recordings of Mahler, like the above or similar I should go after? I'm particularly fond of chamber and simple arrangements.

SACD or LP is ok

Thanks !
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If you're interested in Mahler, this SACD is exceptional.
Archive music sells the CD you are looking for by the Prazak. This work is not typical of Mahler. If you like chamber music, or simple arrangements, Mahler is not likely to be your cup of tea.
Try the Mahler 6th SACD by Philadelphia Orchestra/Eschenbach. The 2CD edition include a superb performance of this wonderful early work of Mahler.