Mahler on vinyl - your favorite

The only one I own at this point is the 4th by Analog Productions with Fritz Reiner/Chicago Symphony.

What are your favorite Mahler symphonies on vinyl? Looking to add to the record collection.



the Bernstein Mahler Box Set is a great place to start. either CD’s, or file download, or streaming (Tidal and Quboz both have this complete set), or the Lp Box can’t go too far wrong.

i have this original Lp box set and from time to time i pull it out.

i’m not any Mahler expert, but i do play lots of Mahler....and love it.

Des Knaben Wunderhorn -- On Vanguard Everyman Classics. Sung by Maureen Forrester and Heinz Rehfuss. Orchestra of the Vienna Festival. Maybe my favorite record on my shelf, regardless of genre.

Symphony No. 1, conducted by Bruno Walter. Columbia Symphony Orch. On Columbia Odyssey.

Symphony No. 3, conducted by Jascha Horenstein on Unicorn. Also released on Nonesuch. The Nonesuch is not as good a pressing but the tonal balance is better.

Symphony No. 4. Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Bernard Haitink. Fourth Movement sung by Elly Ameling. On Philips. My first exposure to Gustav Mahler. I heard it on the radio when I was a teen and was instantly a Mahler fan.



I dislike vinyl as a medium.  So I would only go for the Jascha Horenstein/LSO

Third, because apparently the digital remix changed the balances for the worse relative to the lp