Mahavishnu fans only

Do you prefer the raw raw power of Inner Mounting Flame or the refined raw power of BIRDS?
Flame and Birds are both masterworks but I heard Birds that one resonates more for me.
However, side 1 of Visions of the Emerald Beyond is what I listen to the most.....the virtuosity of the band, coupled with McLaughlin's supernova musical personality, does it for me every time.
If I'd only heard him play I'd never guess, given a photo line-up of guitarists, that he was the one responsible for the notes blazing & tinkling & thundering out of the speakers! 
But the subtle dreamy Earth Ship composition on side B of the Visions album is great too. I usually listen to the entire record, and do it quite often.
John created fusion electric guitar.
Also, listen to his acoustic guitar duos with Paco de Lucia and Jonas Hellborg and trio with Paco and Al di Meola. Concert in Freiburg, Germany, was I think the best live performance for the trio.
And I like most of his Que Alegria acoustic album.
Larry AR-15 Coryell Spaces.

Johnny Machinegun McLaughlin
Chick Corea
Miroslav Vitous
Billy Vishnu Cobham

'nuff said.
Not many fans here. Strange.
Some random tidbits.  McLaughlin originally wanted Jean-Luc Ponty as the violinist.  Jaco Pastorius wanted to join the band, but McLaughlin turned him down. 

IMO, side one of "My Goal's Beyond" is one of the best Mahvishnu Orchestra recordings.