Magwires Speaker Cable Impressions?

I've toyed around with Radio Shack magnet wire and am now thinking about the Magwires product. A search of Audioasylum showed a few positive comments, but none here and no press at all in general.

My rat shack experiment showed very strangled transients with sweet but rolled off highs and muddy bass; but the midrange was very alive, impressive, and very satisfying.

I've tried many cables in my system in the last few months, but not heard anything more satisfying than what I have.

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I tried doubled up 26 gauge and then a single run of 22 gauge. My amp is only 50 wpc, but I presume I'll need several runs to let the dynamics through and get my solid bass back.

Note that I have Mapleshade Golden Helix too. Really natural sounding in many ways and great bass definition and weight, but not as sweet at the top and they pretty much collapse the soundstage.

When you say to use a minimum of 12 gauge, I presume you mean go smaller. I also tried some cheap 18 guage rat shack solid hookup wire. It sounded interested, but I certainly wouldn't call it good.
From the lack of response I must guess that no one has purchased MagWires speaker cables....