Magwires Speaker Cable Impressions?

I've toyed around with Radio Shack magnet wire and am now thinking about the Magwires product. A search of Audioasylum showed a few positive comments, but none here and no press at all in general.

My rat shack experiment showed very strangled transients with sweet but rolled off highs and muddy bass; but the midrange was very alive, impressive, and very satisfying.

I've tried many cables in my system in the last few months, but not heard anything more satisfying than what I have.

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A good pure copper, (6-9's, OFC) no insulation, or as close as you can get, (enameled/kapton) magnetic wire is about as good as it gets.

What gauge did you use. 12 in my opinion is minimum.

Then you left with the conundrum, to twist them together or widely space them.

At the price of OFC magnet wire, buy a spool and play with any configuration you can dream up, and still have less than a couple of cases of adult hoppy beverages invested.

What a way to fly.

I predict, that in the future, the sales of super expensive wire, will chill.

The fellow who started the mag wire craze is genius. I'm an idiot, I've been using them for years and failed to recognize the market potential. Dirt invested and even at $80/ pair which is 1000's of times mark up, it's still the best sounding and cheapest wire out there.

Also try the mag wire as inner connects.