Magnus Ma 300 how good is it?

The Magnus Ma 300 has got a fantastic review from enjoythemusic. It is supposed to compete with amps up to usd 50000,- All what is sayd in the test makes it so attratactive; so anyone who know it and could describe how good it is compared to other amps; re Lamm, Boulder, Soulution, Spectral....
Just got the amp, very promising out of the box; the test in enjoythemusic seem very correct in describing the first impressions; it will be very interresting to hear the development!
No doubt its one of the best solid state amps available at any price. The chassis alone cost almost $2500. Magnus is built in the USA by Canary Audio. Most products are sold overseas. I am hoping to sell more in the states if this economy ever improves. I have sold these to experienced, serious audiophiles with positive results. After selling several Canary products to Wayne Zufall(Enjoy the Music)he expressed interest in the Magnus which he later reviewed.
A couple of my customers replaced their more expensive amps with the Magnus. The smaller MA200 is also a fine sounding amp and reasonably priced at $4995

Joe Martelli/JM Sound/"jms"
I dont think it comes as monoblock.
But why; it has more than enough power and is dead quiet through the speakers.
Fine as my Lamm 1.2 refs are, the Magnus Ma-300 envolves you more into the details and have even better controll over the music; i really cant say i have heard any better; knowing many top amps from ML, Krell, Lamm, Burmester, Dartzel +
But why; it has more than enough power and is dead quiet through the speakers
1. More shipping options < 150#
2. Eventhough I'm a body builder and in good physical condition, it's a 2 men job in moving amps > 125#. If it's a barbell, I can lift 300#+ :-)
3. I have a large room and with monos, I can run shorter SCs

I put it on a rug and dragged it in the box down the stairs, i also managed to dip it out of the box but it was a hell of a job! so i see your point!!!

But it plays so good, i change my set up from mono to stereo and buy new longer speaker cables..........

Weight lifting belts, Rugs, furniture dolly and hand truck with stairs option are must for Audiophiles. It great for moving amps and my new speakers last week. :-)

So what other amps beside Lamm 1.2 have you compared the Magnus to? Is it warm like the Lamm or more neutral?
Amp. Is a litle more on the neutral side than the lamms, more damping factor and more resolved
Still happy with the Magnus ? What speakers are you using it with ? I was thinking about the 1.2's recently and saw the Magnus Ma 300, any comments are appreciated.
Thinking on the MA280. Might give it a buy to drive my Pioneer/TAD 87Db 6 Ohm speakers.
I am a happy MA-300 owner. One of the big blue Mallory caps went out, and I had the cap board replaced with the new MA-500 board. WOW! Completely different amp on a higher plane. I am shocked how much better it is. Blows away my old Burmester 911 MK3. I believe Porselen had this mod done also. Mine, in 2 weeks thus far, has been great.