MagnumDynalab DT-5

Anybody have this tuner ? I'm thinking of replacer my Carver TX2 with unit . Why ? WEll its got a Remote , rackmountable with the right height, and its new. I listen mainly to the local San Francisco college stations(low end of the scale) and SWMBO listens on sunday to 104.5 for a few hours.Any opinions ??
It seems like alot to pay ($995 retail). But if it blends in w/your system and is the right height...I personally would consider an older tuner bought used as a much better value. MD's web-site doesn't give many specs. on this model. I've heard the Parasound "Halo T-3" is very similiar. If you look at the specs for the T-3, my 20+ yr. old tuner (which I bought for a whopping price of under $30)has better specs. Lower distortion, better stereo seperation, and better 20-15K freq. response. Sounds excellent and I've compared it against newer tuners that cost $695 retail. Also, I would check out Yamaha's TX-RS compatable tuners. Bought a Yamaha Tx-540 (Remote compatable) tuner for $40 which is an excellent tuner. Does not come w/a remote but you could buy a remote for it. If you're only listening for one/two stations for a few hours, do you really need a remote?
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