Magnum Dynalab Tuner

I'm cogitating over whether I should or shouldn't have my MD 90 upgraded to an MD90t. Am I wasting my time with this upgrade, should I aim for something greater, say the MD90 to the MD 100 triode or MD 105 triode?
You may want to try to get a good price for your tuner then buy the MD 90T. I have one and it works very well. I run it through a tube amp and preamp. Traded a Linn Kudos in on it. Audiowaves in Ca. 707-677-3299 2yr warranty 100.00 to fix thereafter. Good luck.
Thanks Polk432, Magnum Dynalab will upgrade my gold faced MD90 to an MD90t for $800.00 but I'm still wondering if I should shell out a little more cash for a higher upgrade.
Depends on how much you us it.
Goofyfoot, if you get good reception in your area you probably won't need anything better if you use the ST2 antenna. Maybe get the remote with presets they offer. 800.00 seems to be more than trading up or selling, but whatever's easier. Best of luck.
Well, that decision is really a personal one, Radio = Free Music, you can detect a
lot of unknown Artists / Performances, I had a few good Transistor Tuners in
former years, the last one was a Dynalab Etude (very good), then I made my
decision to go for a MD108 when it was presented. Never looked back.
We have a good but not great 24 hour classical radio station in town and I listen to it fairly often. The best times to listen is when live radio is simulcast from the BBC Proms, Symphony Cast, etc... I have 2 projects on the table, first being a Thorens upgrade modification and the second being a way to improve my radio. Paying $800.00 to upgrade my radio is practical to me but MD suggests better results from higher upgrades. I will kick myself thinking that I should have gone from the MD90 to an MD 100t but like everyone has mentioned, the choice is personal. I have the amplifier and speakers to do any source component justice so my gut tells me to save enough for at least an MD100t upgrade
i had MD ├ętude that i sent for repair of drifting last yr- i ended up getting a nice trade in value from MD and ended up with a 108T w/DAC for what i thought was a great price compared to list- have seen few for sale here for much more than i paid for mine and it has the DAC. Also as part of trade i was able to get new internet tuner at significant discount (they hadn't come out yet when i traded)-i got the 801 internet tuner and play it thru the 108T -

i just love internet radio- hardly listen to FM any more- so many great internet stations broadcasting in 128 aac or 192/256 mp3- sounds fabulous over my high end system. check out use their 128 arc link NICE !!
Thanks Bgordonr, I almost agree with you completely. I bought a new Ayre QB9 DAC about 7 months ago because it just sounded so good for the price and because I saw myself using iTunes on a regular basis. I'm totally glad today that I made that choice and that I didn't need to spend unreal amounts of money to achieve an obtainable goal. The only complaint that I have towards streaming audio is the resolution and overall sound quality. The BBC Radio3 does a nice job at 320 kbps but compare it to a CD or high quality analogue source and for me, its not quite there yet. I've written to the BBC telling them that I would pay a membership fee to receive CD quality audio streaming but didn't here back. The point being that a large amount of server space requires a big budget and I'm willing to chip in but of course so must a large number of other folk in order to make it work. As for now, I enjoy the various ways that I receive music because they all sound different from one another. And thanks to everyone else who contributed!
Goofyfoot, did you ever make the change from your MD-90 up to a 90T or 105T? I am on the cusp of a very similar decision.