Magnum Dynalab MD809T

Has anyone heard or have any experience with the new Magnum Dynalab MD809T internet radio?
no, but i own a 102T tube tuner with a built in Dac and their products are superb. I am sure it is fully thought out, however internet audio is compressed band width and I am sure they can only take it so far with a flawed source.
I just bought the entry level M.D. Internet tuner to replace my Transporter.
It's connected to my Cary dac.
Sound very good but the screen is extremely hard to see.
i just bought the MD 801 entry internet tuner which plays thru my MD 108T w internal DAC- decided to go this route rather than sell the 108Tand get an 809. just love internet radio- sounds very nice- and the frontier silicon has lots of stations and allows you to choose any that
they don't have already- so far it's been great- hardly listen to anything but internet radio anymore- radio paradise is wonderful.
For internet radio and its inherent signal limitations, it seems like just getting a Squeezebox, which has a relatively easy interface and a lots of control options, and then running the signal into a DAC of your choice would be a much more flexible option. And much less expensive unless you go crazy on the DAC.
Bgordnor, How would you compare the SQ of internet radio to a good pure FM signal?
i'm in honolulu so have limited quality FM signals- i do listen to public radio jazz shows in evening and quality is decent. I've found radio paradise which i listen to often most all day via their 128k AAC signal which sounds very good-
neither of these is anywhere near quality of my basis turntable but i like the huge internet availability of tunes and spend lots of time listening to internet & wife's i tunes via the new internet tuner thru quicksilver M-135s & older updated watt/puppy 3/2. sounds good to me.
I purchased the Magnum Dynalab MD807t and have done limited listening to my FM stations because of poor FM reception in my area (San Francisco Bay Area). To be honest, the Internet radio station selection is much better than FM. I cannot receive my favorite FM radio station so I select it on the Internet for listening. The good news is every station I wanted to hear on FM that had FM reception problems, i was able to select on the Internet.

I can select stations from everywhere in the world and the sound quality is very good. Internet stations can be selected by country or music type (classical, blues, jazz, new ages, etc). These Internet media tuners allow you to create and organize your favorite list of stations via an Internet Radio Portal website. This feature allows you to have a full list of the stations you listen to regularly on one page instead of having to search each time. Some stations come in sounding better than other stations. I try to select Internet stations that are using 128k or higher. Stations using lower numbers (such as 48k, 64k, etc) do not sound as good.

As per Magnum Dynalab instructions, I setup the Frontier Silicon radio portal for this capability. It is free and very easy to use. The portal provides an excellent search capability to help you identify the Internet stations you want to listen to. You build your list on the computer and select the stations you want to listen to on the Media tuner. This is an excellent feature and makes the Internet radio selection process much easier. New stations can be easily added or deleted using the Frontier Silicon radio portal. See www.wifiradio-frontier

The Media Internet Tuner screen is easy to use and the radio selection process is excellent (yes, I wish it was larger). I am running my MD807t balanced into my Ayre AX-7e Integrated amplifier. The sound quality is very good and it is easy to listen to. I called Magnum Dynalab several times with questions and they were very helpful and responsive. My 807t is wired to my router via the Ethernet over power connections (the tuner also supports wi-fi connection). I have had no problems using my power lines.

In summary, I like my MD807t Internet Media tuner very much and highly recommend it. The setup is easy, the Internet station selection process is easy to use either on the tuner or via the radio portal. I am very pleased with the sound quality. The MD807t is highly recommended. Based on the specs, the 809t is even better sounding than the 807t.
I cannot believe I did this but I did. I traded my Magnum Dynalab 807t Internet Radio Tuner for their 809t Internet Radio Tuner. The new model has two power supplies, a newly designed audio stage with 4 6922 vacuum tubes, a 5.7” color touch screen, 3.5” touch screen remote and no capacitors after the gain stage of the tubes. They improved the DAC so that it boasts all incoming signals to 24-bit/192kHz. See

I am very pleased with the sound quality on my 807t. The quality of the 809t is much improved. I ordered the unit last week and delivery is estimated at 4 weeks.
Extremely happy with the Magnum Dynalab MD 801.
I find the sound quality of the Analogue output is even slightly punchier than the Digital output through a Bel Canto DAC 1.5

in the mean time I'm also keeping the MD90 FM tuner. They are quality and beautiful components to always retain.
Well Hgeifman, have you recieved your 809t?
Marcussix: No. I am still waiting for the delivery of my Magnum Dynalab 809t Internet Radio Tuner. Delivery seems to be slow but I am in no hurry.
I traded my Magnum Dynalab 807t Internet Radio Tuner for their top of the line 809t Internet Radio Tuner. The 809t unit has two power supplies, a newly designed audio stage with 4 6922 vacuum tubes, a 5.7” color touch screen; 3.5” touch screen remote and no capacitors after the gain stage of the tubes. They improved the DAC to boast all incoming signals to 24-bit/192kHz. Bases on my conversation with Magnum Dynalab, I also had them install Teflon capacitors to improve the sound quality.

I immediately noticed an improved sound coming from my 809t over the 807t and was thrilled. There was more detail, the bass was better, it was clearer and the overall sound quality was much improved over the 807t. I like the 809t very much and highly recommended it.

My 809t Internet tuner is connected to my Luxman L-590ax integrated class A amplifier driving my Sonus Faber Auditor M Speakers in my living room. The 809t tuner is connected to the Luxman integrated amplifier using Harmonic Technology Magic Link Two cables (XLR). My other music source is the Ayre CX-7eMP CD Player using Harmonic Technology Magic Link Two balanced cables (XLR). I am using Synergistic Research TESLA Quad Speaker Cables.

My Magnum Dynalab 809t tuner is a great sounding tuner. Once of the many advantages of the 809t is the selection of music sources. One of my favorites is listening to Calm Radio. They offer 100+ channels of different musical tracks (see You can listen at 64k at no charge including commercials or pay a $60 yearly fee (I did) and listen at 192k with no commercials. Linn Classical, Radio Swiss Jazz and Radio Paradise are also excellent free stations.

Over the last several weeks, I am have been receiving an increasing amount of re-connection error messages when listening to music. I discovered that others were having similar problems using the Cisco Linksys E4200V2 router (my router) on their computer. It seems the Cisco Linksys maximum transmission unit (MTU) Auto 1500 setting causes re-connection issues. Cisco Linksys Customer Service said to change the MTU 1500 setting to manual at 1392. As instructed, I also changed the channel width to 20MHz and the channel to 9 - 2.452GHz. Since I made these changes, the re-connection problems have gone away.

I am using the Neutrik NADITBNC-F AES/EBU Transformer to convert my Ayre CX-7eMP CD player XLR 110 ohm output to the 809t's COAX 75 ohms input. I am using the DH Labs Silver Sonic D-75 digital cable to go from the Neutrik transformer to my 809t (BNC to RCA). I have done limited testing but it seems going thru the 809t's DAC sounds slightly better than the Ayre.

A friend heard my system last week and agreed the 809t sounded very good.