Magnum Dynalab MD801

Few months on now since Magnum Dynalab has released the internet radio MD801, I'm intersted to know how much did this unit grow in one's system?

Do you find yourself likely more inclined to use it and less hours of CD listening?

Did it open your taste towards some new music?
I, for one find a great tranquility and joy when accessing the Movies Sound Track Stations.
got an 801T last yr when they came out- it's connected thru my MD 108T tuner w DAC- i listen to it most of time- nice sound & internet diversity is super that i didn't have before- i don't have CD, turntable only-
I like my Magnum Dynalab MD807t Internet Radio tuner very much and highly recommend it. The setup is easy, the Internet station selection process is easy to use either on the tuner or via the radio portal. I am very pleased with the sound quality. The MD807t is highly recommended. Based on the specs, the 809t is even better sounding than the 807t.

However: I cannot believe I did this but I did. I traded my Magnum Dynalab 807t Internet Radio Tuner for their 809t Internet Radio Tuner. The new model has two power supplies, a newly designed audio stage with 4 6922 vacuum tubes, a 5.7” color touch screen, 3.5” touch screen remote and no capacitors after the gain stage of the tubes. They improved the DAC so that it boasts all incoming signals to 24-bit/192kHz. See


I am very pleased with the sound quality on my 807t. The quality of the 809t is much improved. I ordered the 809t mid March and delivery is estimated at 4-6 weeks.
Did you say MD801T? what's the T please?
Check out the quality of music and sound of the Radio Swiss Jazz. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.
How do you have the MD 801 hooked to your system?
Do you mind to elaborate on the type of interconnects?
Do you use the digital output?

You mentioned the sound quality and the DAC.
I tell you that I have MD801 connected to a Bel canto DAC1.5, but I favour most of the time the direct signal from the unit to the Amp. The Amp is also a Magnum Dynalab.
The Magnum Dynalab MD807t is so advanced was not this enough? Will you be using the DAC from the MD 809t with any other component?
The letter "t" in the Magnum Dynalab 807t means the unit has vacuum tubes in the audio stage. The 806t and the 807t have 2 6922 vacuum tubes and the 809t has 4 6922 vacuum tubes. See

My 807t Internet tuner is connected to my Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier driving my Sonus Faber Auditor M Speakers in my living room. The music source is the Ayre CX-7eMP CD Player using Harmonic Technology Magic Link Two balanced cables (XLR). The 807t is connected to the Ayre AX-7e integrated using Harmonic Technology Magic Link Two cables (XLR). The Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp sounds much better running balanced inputs and not RCA inputs. Many reviewers have said this.

Yes, my Magnum Dynalab 807t Internet tuner sounds excellent. I had several friends over and we switched back and forth between CD's and the tuner. Everyone felt the tuner sounded excellent. However, when I heard the 809t has two power supplies, a newly designed audio stage with 4 6922 vacuum tubes, a 5.7” color touch screen, 3.5” touch screen remote and no capacitors after the gain stage of the tubes, I decided to upgrade. Magnum Dynalab also improved the DAC so that it boasts all incoming signals to 24-bit/192kHz.

These Internet tuners allow you to create and organize your favorite list of stations via an Internet Radio Portal website. This feature allows you to have a full list of the stations you listen to regularly on one page instead of having to search each time. Some stations come in sounding better than other stations. I try to select Internet stations that are using 128k or higher. Stations using lower numbers (such as 48k, 64k, etc) do not sound as good.

As per Magnum Dynalab instructions, I setup the Frontier Silicon radio portal for this capability. It is free and very easy to use. The portal provides an excellent search capability to help you identify the Internet stations you want to listen to. You build your list on the computer and select the stations you want to listen to on the Internet tuner. This is an excellent feature and makes the Internet radio selection process much easier. New stations can be easily added or deleted using the Frontier Silicon radio portal. See

Bgordonr: As you suggested above, I added 3 stations from Radio Swiss Jazz to the Frontier Silicon radio portal to my Jazz category (took less than one minute). Two of these stations are Internet stations only. I listened briefly and they sound terrific. Thanks for the tip.

I hope I answered your questions. Please not, please let me know.
hicham- sorry i have an MD 801 internet tuner (no T)- It plays thru my MD 108T tuner (which has the new DAC) with a digital cable (Synapse Platium series by Belkin)from 801 into the 108T. the 108T has normal RCA MIT interconnects into my older spectral pre amp- I run the 801 from my old wireless G linksys router which is 2 rooms away- no issue- (also tried direct cat 6 cable from router but no sound difference)
i already got the 108T with newer DAC last yr by trading in my old etude with MD at very fair price- when i got the 108T the internet tuners were being designed by MD- MD folks advised me to just get the 801 when they came out as i'd be playing it thru the 108T which already had all the TRACC audio stage and dual power supply that the 809T has. They said it would be less costly and offer same digital performance- They also said this way i'd have superior FM over the air with my 108T than 809t-(though i rarely listen to straight FM anymore).
The 809T has much bigger touch screen than the rest of the MD tuners and other upgrades-

i listened to swiss jazz exclusively over christmas/new years when i first got the 801. -its fabulous- I've been listening almost exclusively to radio from Calif lately-- if you've not heard it check it out- such varied music- you can set it up on frontier to get 128k AAC signal which sounds great

I also use Isedora software on my iMAC to play my wife's i tune library on the 801- doesn't sound as great as some of the internet stations though- i don't have CD player- turntable only.
Hgeifman- great write up and thorough explanations

Great and comprehensive response. You have highlighted few important facts that motivated such an ambitious move towards the MD 809t, amongst them is:

The Magnum Dynalab improved DAC -it boasts all incoming signals to 24-bit/192kHz.

Do you mind please to compare this internal DAC with another outboard DAC that you may have there? This is by using the MD 809t digital output.


I cannot agree more on the level of honesty, and integrity of the Magnum Dynalab customer service.
I might follow the same path. I have an excellent MD90 that can be upgradable. Thank you for the tip.

A good surprise is this radio Paradise. Now I’m also enjoying it over the Easter / Pass over break here in Sydney / Australia.
Hicham: I am still waiting for my 809t to arrive. I am guessing another 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately. I do not have another DAC so I cannot compare the 809t internal DAC with another outboard DAC. I continue to be amazed at how good my 807t sounds. I recently discovered Radio Swiss Jazz and love the music. I cannot understand the announcer but the music is terrific.
Thanks for having us in the picture.
Do you mind please to highlight or to give us a snap shot on the very found differences between the MD807T Vs MD809T.
This is when it is received
I'm interested to see this from your own prespective.
Please use your own already touched criteria:

- Two Power supplies
- New Audio stage
- No Capacitors after the gain stage.
Hicham- check out the magnum dynalab web page- it has great write ups on the new internet tuners. you can also read info for the 109T, 108T and other tuners which also go into nice detail about their audio stage and power supply differences between the various models.
i just got response from MG -asked if there was any quality or sonic reason to trade in my 108T with DAC & 801 for the new 809T- they said other than having everything in one box and the larger touchscreen on the 809t- there is no benefit to change-
MG also said they were trying to get the 809 working on the larger screen
Hicham: Please see the Magnum Dynalab link below for an overview of MD Internet tuners and the specifications on their various models:

If you have any specific model questions, please call Larry at Magnum Dynalab. Their customer service is excellent and he can explain the model differences to you.
MD 801
Please see the Magnum Dynalab link below for an overview of MD Internet tuners and the specifications on their various models:
My experience with Magnum Dynalab started with MD90, MD90T,
MD100, MD102, MD106T, finally MD108 and upgraded to
MD108T....over a period of six years. Along with other
Antique FM tuners (Sansui, McIntosh, Akai, etc) , in my
experience, which cannot a candle to MD106T or better
models like MD108, MD108T or MD109!

I, too, had MD801 and digital output to the internal built-
in DAC of MD108T (my MD108 was upgraded to 'T' together with
DAC and purchase of MD801 in Nov/Dec'2011).

Your comments are true and correct about using digital
output of MD801 to MD108T. The sonic difference between
MD807T and MD809T is the audio Stage, and also the looks and
touch screen. If i remembered correctly, MD807T audio stage
is based on improved audio stage on MD106T. Whereas MD809T
uses the same audio stage as MD108T/MD109. The Power Supply
in my MD108T has to use a far better and quieter than their
regular toroidal power supply due to the digital stage of
controls and DAC co-exist in the same chassis as my MD108T.

I have compared using DAC in my dedicated Tube DAC from
Promitheus Audio, and another built-in DAC from my Home
Theatre Amplifer, Onkyo TX-875. The built-in DAC of MD108T
outperforms and smokes both these DACs! As with my
experience with MD tuners...moving up the tuner line, i
heard more details, inner details and more quieter
background...the higher end models adds to the sound quality
like better soundstage, delicate and extended highs but not
harsh, vocals is more real and life-like, and deeper bass
impact and bass quality. The top-of-line MD tuners are
almost like bringing live music home!

Overall, MD tuners are very well made and highly recommended
for those who love tuners! :)

I'd like please to hear from those who upgraded from MD 801.
Or how things are going with Magnum Dynalab MD 807T - MD809T.