Magnum Dynalab MD102T or MD801 tuner?

I currently own a Magnum Dynalab MD-101A with a few upgrades; better caps, upgraded wire and output jacks. I listen to it almost everyday through an AR SP16 preamp, Quicksilver Silver 60 tube amps driving a pair of Quad 22L speakers. I have a rooftop antenna and receive WRTI and WXPN and WPRB very cleanly. I am curious how a MD triode tube tuner would sound like. I have an opportunity to purchase a used MD-102T for about the same price as a new MD-801 Internet tuner. I don’t know if FM will still be supported in the US let’s say for the next 10 years. I don’t want to purchase a high quality FM analog only tuner if the format may go away. I do have an inexpensive Grace internet tuner that feeds an outboard DAC and it sounds pretty good, but not nearly as good as FM through the MD-101. What do you think? thanks.
I had an MD 90 and traded in toward a MD 102 and love it,  it pulls in stations that the 90 couldn't.   Mine is solid state but it sounds great.....   
I have the MD 102 upgraded to tubes and love it! Great sound, Vgood with pulling in stations. Recommended!
thanks guys!, reaffirms my belief that the the upgrade to the 102T probably has great sound potential.