Magnum Dynalab MD102T or MD801 tuner?

I currently own a Magnum Dynalab MD-101A with a few upgrades; better caps, upgraded wire and output jacks.  I listen to it almost everyday through an AR SP16 preamp, Quicksilver Silver 60 tube amps driving a pair of Quad 22L speakers.  I have a rooftop antenna and receive WRTI and WXPN and WPRB very cleanly.  I am curious how a MD triode tube tuner would sound like. I have an opportunity to purchase a used MD-102T for about the same price as a new MD-801 Internet tuner.  I don't know if FM will still be supported in the US let's say for the next 10 years. I don't want to purchase a high quality FM analog only tuner if the format may go away. I do have an inexpensive Grace internet tuner that feeds an outboard DAC and it sounds pretty good, but not nearly as good as FM through the MD-101. What do you think?  thanks.

Save your money. I don't think FM will be around five years down the road. It's sad but true! I bought a MD-90 five years ago knowing the writing is on the wall with tuners. Compared to years ago,how many companies make tuners anymore? I think Magnum is one of the very few left! If you go for it,you will have nothing but an expensive useless dust collector!
I was confused at first- there was never an MD-101 tuner but there was an FT-101, so I presume you have a FT-101. 

Skip the MD102, and if you want internet radio, get the 801