Magnum Dynalab MD-208

hi:has anyone heard the new magnum dynalab md-208 receiver what is it's sonic signature,thx,AL
Have not heard product, but have read that the amplifier section is designed and made by SimAudio.
The Absolute Sound has a review of it in their last issue. You can receive it on-line.
I was very impressed with the warm (but powerful) sound, compact solid construction and beautiful presentation of the MD-208. It is driven by Sim-Audio (integrated) who I believe make solid state quite acceptable for even us tube lovers. Magnum Dynalab and Sim-Audio, what's not to like? This unit will make you think twice about three separates with expensive cable and a cluttered look. I thought the TAS review understated its performance because it is a "receiver". It is the best receiver I've ever heard and handsome too.
I had a chance to demo the unit about a month ago, and was very impressed with the unit's sound. Sim Audio gear sound's great. My only complaint is that it's to large to fit in a standard Target rack.
I have to second Truman's comment's about one box, you have less clutter, less cables, etc. I just bought the Mark Levinson intergrated amp and really like having one box versus two! ...not to mention one less cable. There are more and more companies putting out integrated amps that have been dedicated to separates. I see this issue of TAS is testing a host of them this month. I haven't been able to see the MD-208 other than pictures, it looks like a beautiful peice.
Another review can be read at: