Magnum Dynalab Etude vs Fanfare FT-1A

I'am thinking on buying a good tuner for my ref. system .Could anybody tell me which is the better of the two?
Thanks Gary

I went through this same dilemma last year. From all the research I could find, it appears the performance of these two is about the same.

I chose the Fanfare in the end because it also has a remote and presets.

I am quite happy with my decision, as I use my system far more now.

I would be curious as to how the McIntosh 7084 competes against these two as well.

There are quite a few of the older McIntosh MR78 and MR80's available right now. From what I have read, these will out perform both of these, but I really like having remote and presets!
Hi Gary,

I just went through this last week. I went to a dealer who carried both product lines. This particular dealer felt that the Fanfare was the better tuner by far. I would up purchasing the Fanfare because of the reasons that Brian listed as well as the fact that it had balanced outputs. I am listening to it now and it sounds wonderful in my system attached only to a Magnum Dynalab silver ribbon indoor passive antenna, upscale rabbit ears.

The Etude has been replaced by the MD-100 so there should be reasonable prices on store demo or used Etudes on Audogon. This may make the Etude a more attractive purchase. It is a great sounding tuner. Feel free to Email with any questions.

Good luck,
I purchased the Fanfare Ft-1A because it has a remote and presets. The unit tooks some time to break in but it sounds excellent and I recommend it.
I just bought an MD100 instead of a leftover Etude for only $200 more because the MD100 has balanced outputs, and the techs at MD said it makes a significant difference.
Sounds incredibly natural and detailed. Hard to believe it's FM. A bit lean, so I'll chase a warmer IC....