Magnum Dynalab Designer Manfred Breunig

Hello from Brampton Ontario. Manfred is not well. Lovers of his FM tuner designs owe this brilliant gentleman a debt of gratitude for bringing FM music into the modern era. I have owned many of his products, including an early Magnum 125 which he checked over for me some months ago. (Manfred's daughter is a friend and neighbour of mine in Brampton). Those of you who know Manfred may wish to contact him and wish him well. I too pray that he will get better. Colm
Hello Stereokarter,

I was sorry to hear that Manfred passed away a couple of weeks ago. Back in my teenage years, I went out with Manfred's daughter. When going to their house in Brampton (Bramalea), Manfred, on occasion would show us his stereo components (back then, they were manufactured under the Breunig label). He was very passionate about his electronics! I am not in contact with his daughter any longer. If you are still her neighbor, then please let her know that Barney sends his sincerest condolences for her loss. Her father was a great man - admired by many.

Kindest regards,

Hello from Germany, I am shocked by the news of the death of Manfred Breunig. He was the uncle of my husband. If he was ill and died in what he is.