Magnum Dynalab Amp Experiences

Hey all,

I'm looking to purchase an all-in-on integrated hybrid amp that has a wonderful DAC section, a boatload of power and a tube-pre. I'm looking at buying my last amp that can handle anything I throw at it in the future and be built to last.

My research has led to me straight to the Magnum Dynalab MD-307/309. 

The difficulty I'm having at this exact moment isn't the absolute desire to just pull the trigger on it. It's that it's quite expensive (exacerbated by our awful exchange rate) and there are no local dealers here in Alberta to audition the unit before I plunk down a large chunk of change. And so I'm left to find reviews and experiences online, which as far as I can tell, are very limited. I've spoke with a couple of others on a different forum who have graciously shared their (very) positive experiences with MD amps.

But I'm left wondering, is Magnum Dynalab just not that popular for integrated amps, are they fairly new in this department (I understand they've been building great tuners for awhile), or are there much better options in this price range that they are not the competition favourite?

If anyone in Alberta, Canada has an MD amp (of any variant) and can share their experience or even allow me to bring my audio system to their home, I'd be incredibly grateful.

At this point I'm hesitant because of the unknown sound on such an expensive purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
I know nothing about this company's amps...they are noted for their fm tuners.  I personally would sooner get a used name brand amp excellent quality component ..noted for their customer support ...Ayre, Audio Research, etc.
MD is a Canadian company that's noted for good sounding, high build quality products.  I believe SimAudio, another respected Canadian manufacturer, designs or at least had a part in the design of their amps.  Their website lists a dealer in Calgary.
The other amp I've been able to track down that might fit the bill is from Hegel.

Any experience with those? H300 or H360?
Classe is another option you should check out!