Magnum Dynalab 205 FM Signal Sleuth focusing bad?

i recently bought a used Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth (model 205). and it has a BIG problem... the focusing control is not working in the right range. for instance, if i were to be listening to the channel 91.5MHz on my Yamaha TX-950 tuner, i would have to set the 205 to about 95-96MHz. so, in other words, it's off by about 4-5MHz. and that is a terrible problem if you want to listen to say, KROQ, which is at 106.7MHz... cause the knob doesn't go above 108MHz, so i can't even use the 205 with that station!

also, another problem is that the gain control is labeled wrong too. it has the 0db position at about 10:00. however, the actualy 0db position is at 12:00. now, this might suggest that the unit is capable of more boost, but somehow the knob or the circuitry it's associated with isn't going high enough.

i dunno....

the guy i bought this from said he sold 2 other units previous to mine, and both had the same problems. so, it seems they're all like this......

you guys have experience with this signal amp?

my equipment: Magnum Dynalab ST-2 antenna, Yamaha TX-950 tuner, Magnum Dynalab 205 Signal Sleuth

I have a used Signal Sleuth I bought last year, it is used with my Magnum Dynalab Etude tuner. I don't think I have your problem per say, but I've noticed the sweet spot to dial in the best gain from a weak station does not appear to be the exact same frequency setting on the sleuth dial. My experience is this: for the $270 or so I paid used for this item, it MAYBE improves the sound 5-7% or so... it also amplifies the noise and hiss also.. I have not personally found it to be a really great piece of equipment and it does not make the kind of improvement I imagined it would. It does work, it just doesn't make, to me, a weak station suddenly jump out all clean and crisp like a strong station.
I would contact Magnum and see what they have to say. Your description is of a product that is WAY out of calibration. From the sound of it, they are shipping these out by the truckload with very limited QA ( Quality Assurance ). Sean
I'm using a 205 purchased new in 1996 in front of an Etude. It has not had the problems you describe. Sounds like you have a serious calibration issue that should be handled via warranty. My unit has been helpful in my reception situation -- I'm about halfway between two large East Coast cities, and their signals are fairly weak due to distance. I have a few very strong local station signals that tend to overwhelm the dial. The 205 boosts the weak signals significantly, while not emphasizing the strong locals.
hmm.... interesting. thank you all for your responses. i've contacted MD, and they said they would fix it for $25. but i still find it fishy that so many people have the same problem (i posted on other boards too, and mine is not the only one...)

does anyone know how to calibrate these units?
No... I don't exactly know how to calibrate the MD 205, BUT, from my experience aligning the tuning coils on an old HeathKit radio, it probably requires both a signal generator, and an oscilliscope. My advice, for what it's worth, is that the $25 bucks sounds quite fair.
My 205 is almost 20 years old & it still works just fine. On the unjt you bought, it seems that someone may have forced the knobs, or removed them & re-installed incorrectly. The anecdotal reports sound like user errors - do you know how to peak tune the preselector? Spend the lousy $25 & have it checked out - that's a giveaway.