Magnum Audio IA 170 Integrated Amplifier

Has anybody had experience with this unit or any of Magnum Audio's components? I just listened to it with a set of Jean Marie Reynaud Twins mk2 and was absolutely blown away with the deep, deep, soundstage and balance. I've read the amazing reviews of the Twins, but haven't really seen any user experiences with the Magnum.
Hi Dark: I have listened to the Magnum twice with (you guessed it) the Reynaud Twins. I found the Magnum to be a little crude and lacking in the HF's (major and nicely detailed bass response) but on the otherhand I found it to be "extremely" musical. If I do not go back to tubes in the future I may consider picking one of these up as I cannot get the sound out of my head. I also wonder if the HF's would sound better with my set up? I auditioned it with a SS Cary CD player that I am not familiar with, maybe model #306. I would have to home demo it however due to its unusual sound. It really sounds different from the norm, but as I said before it sounds very musical.
Hey Dekay, it's funny that you point out the HF's. I noticed the same thing yesterday, but couldn't figure out if it was the Twins, cd player, amp, or cables/IC's. Elliot at Acoustic Image has some of the finest equipment I have ever seen in his house, so I think everything upstream was 1st rate. I really appreciate that he matched the Twins with components in it's realtive price range, instead of hooking them up to his $60k reference system. I do believe that the Magnum/Twins combo had the deepest and most detailed soundstage I've have heard in eons. And the sound was incredible "warm" without being out of balance. An almost tube sound. Vocals, Piano, and stand up bass notes were absolutely beautiful! But, I agree, the HF's were somehow lacking, cymbals weren't as crisp as I am used to. Although, this may be because I am used to an inaccurate "bright" sound and the Magnum-Twins combo was deivering the real goods. Like you say, the only way to know is to get it home and give it a good going over w/ my favorite CD's. By the way, I am buying a pair of Twins mk2 for $600 off a guy today, what do you think? Good Deal?