Magnnum Dynalab tuners sound quality

I have been having problems with reception of FM stations in the western NY area using my vintage Luxman Dou Beta 1045 reciever (circa 1984). Do I need to spend >$500 + for a magnum dynalab MD 90 to get clean good sound? Listening habits include Jazz & blues.
From your preious posts, my takeaway is that you are using the Luxman as a tuner. After 20 years, it could probably use with a good cleaning and a tuner re-calibration. I am not sure who is a good tech in your part of the state. In Peekskill, there is a company called the the Soundsmith , that specializes in vintage Luxman, McIntosh, and Marantz products. I used them 4 years ago to refurbish a Marantz 2216B (circa 1978) and they did a great job. They are a bit pricey, but they warranty their work for a year.

Regards, Rich
A great tuner is as good a source as any other.
Also a great tuner is only as good as the signal it is getting. A great antenna makes a good tuner sound great. So if you follow me, get a great antenna.
Then put it on a great tuner, can't go wrong.
In my experience Magnum Dynalab pulls in stations much beter than most any tuner I ever tried, that includes several.
I've been enjoying my Dynalab tuner for many years now. The above poster is exactly right ... like a computer, garbage in, garbage out. Get a good quality antenna, preferably an outdoor-on-the-roof antenna. You will be amazed at how great a live-broadcast program can sound on a properly set up tuner. Its like being there.

If you don't mind spending less, a 70's Sony ST-3950 with $150 worth of tweaks by Don Scott is better than ANY Magnum I've ever heard, and I've heard several.
Hmmm ... do you have a link for Don Scott 4yanx?? Thanks ...
I recently purchased an MD90. A very smooth listenable piece with excellent sensitivity. A lot quality for the $$.
Fits nicely with the Audio Research equipment in the system.
His e-mail.
Check yours, Oregon! :-)
I have never found a Magnum Dynalab tuner that could not be improved at least 30%, RF or audiowise; the exception is the MD-108. The early MD-102 used four IF filters vs. three in the later MD-90 and MD-100s, a worthwhile difference. The early Sim Audio "Moon" was the best MD tuner, using the basic MD-102 circuit board.
I think, most regular tuners sound horrible out there. And some old ones are dull. Magnum Dynalab offers some very good ones, I think, it is one of the rare companies, which try to get the best out of two worlds (pulling in stations A N D good sound ).
I used Naim 01, too, and then I got a MD 108, I use it with NOS Mullard tubes and this one fascinates since the day I bought it. The Naim went on sale same day.
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4yanx ... Thanks for the link and the Email. Much appreciated. I have a friend who is really looking for a cheap way to get good tuner sound. I'll pass the info to him.