magnifying glass/loupes used for alignment

Hi guys,

am sure you guys can help me out.
what loupes or magnifying glass are you guys using to help aid in the alignment of your carts ?
if using loupe, how many x magnification is recommended ?
if using magnifying glass, how many x if recommended.
any on-line stores you guys can recommend ?
Anyone here using PEAK Loupes ?

thanks for the inputs...

I have used the PEAK 10x loupes, but ultimately the little magnifier included with my Onzow Zero Dust cartridge cleaner worked better. The best of course are my 6x stereo surgical loupes that I use for neurosurgery. These are custom made and are custom fit for the user and sold only for medical use. I would buy an Onzow cleaner if I were you. Not only is it best stylus cleaner I've used, but the magnifier rocks.
Nolitan, If you have the Peak "Lupe", this works pretty well, the Peak Lupe I have, which I had gotten through Yip in Hong Kong with the MintLP Protractor, has a removable housing, lets one get a little bit closer. At 10X, this should be sufficient, and I'm sort of thinking a Loupe with magnification higher than this may possibly have a shorter depth of field, meaning they will be even harder to use.

Even a small lighted 4x-5x magnifier, like the One Yip sells, or one similar, that can be gotten from Wally World, seems to be of help as well.

It seemed with the MintLP Protractor, no one tool was ideal, there was a need in my personal instance, of a host of different magnifiers, and loupes (2 magnifiers, 3 loupes), to more easily succeed with alignment.
I use this


The LED is bright and works great! I tried one of those 40x mini microscopes, but you cant get close enough like you can with the loupe.
Thank you for the response.
I'll look into above suggestions.