Magnifyer with Light Suggestions?

Turned 50 and it's getting hard to do my cartridge setup without assistance. Anyone have a suggestion for a handheld magnifying glass with a built in (bright) light so I can see what I'm doing when adjusting overhang etc? There are a bunch on Amazon but it is hard to know how well they work and how much magnifying power I will need. As always, thank you!
My local chain druygstore has lighted magnifying glasses many have two levels of magnification. They are hardly isochromamatic or isoplanar but might give you an idea of how much magnification you need. A standard jewelers loupe is 10X but I have never seen a lighted one. Good loupes are expensive (planar etc.)
I'd want both hands free for setting up a cartridge! I've been using Optivisor loupes for years. There is an optional LED attachment that mounts on the lens to provide lighting.
I think the Vivitar hand-held magnifiers are great. You can buy them at
Plenty of computer input magnifiers available. Intel makes a good one.
Kleech, It's good stuf for techies!
Here's clickable >