magnetic important is it?

how important is magnetic shielding of speakers to protect, say an ipod or a cell phone that is carelessly placed atop them?

am putting together an ipod-based bedroom system that will consist of a pair of small monitors flanking a wadia powedac/itransport on my bedroom dresser. if the speakers are within a foot or two of the wadia on either side do I need to worry about them damaging my ipod (120g classic, so not solid state) if they are not magnetically shielded? what about a blackberry haphazzardly tossed next to the speakers?

anyone have any thoughts that could weight in? or horror stories they could share that might save me the same fate? thanks!
You do not need to worry.
The worst interference of speakers with a CRT based television was because the gun inside the CRT based TV was dirested by magnets, and any magnetic field nearby would be enough to cause havoc with the beam accuracy. No such problem with any other technology, except perhaps a boy scout compass.
You stuff is safe. The magnets in the speakers are not going to mess up your stuff.
You would have to take the driver out of the cabinet and stick you hard drive directly on the magnet to get it to be a problem.
There might be some ipods that still use a regular hard drive.
If that is the case, I'd check into it. Solid state may be OK.
I just read your thread again, and yours is. I would check into it further.
Elizabeth's advice is right on. There is no scenario where the speaker magnets are going to be close enough to your iPod to cause any issues with it.
This manual has no mention of it. It may have good shielding.Info on the net is all over the place as far as yes and no. Check the manual for yours to be safe is the only thing I can think of. []
I have seen speakers depolarize info on hard drives. Otherwise, you should hv no concern.
The tiny extremely powerful magnets INSIDE every hard drive (take one apart and find out for yourself) are in there. They are doing what they do to allow the precise alignment of the wand that moves around on the disks. then you got the motor, another bunch of electromagnets under the disk, that spin the disk or disks. That outside magnet does not stand a chance. If you waved a very powerful magnet on the body of the hard drive, it might havs a small effect. The magnets inside any speaker are way too far away, and too weak to worry about. Irregardless of the worrying Hifihvn is doing. LOL! trust me.
The magnets inside any speaker are way too far away, and too weak to worry about. Irregardless of the worrying Hifihvn is doing. LOL! trust me.
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OK Elizabeth. Here's the opposite that can happen. If you put some steel, or other ferric metal in front of the tweeter, the magnet may pull the object into it. This happened to a friend who put an amp cover in front of his speaker, and that was the end of the tweeter. Some Mission or others have the tweeter at the bottom. And no, that wasn't me with the cover damaging the tweeter *yet*. I guess I need a bow tie. LOL :)
I'd think the only POSSIBLE problem would be putting a HD within no more than a foot or 2(at MOST) from a non-shielded speaker.

CRTs were very sensitive to this because the forces inside the gun were very small.