Magnetic Isolation

Wondering if anyone could explain why mag-lev isolation, ie SPIKE SOUND-WILL MAGNETIC LEVITATORS from Divergent Technologies isn't more popular. I've heard 2 things. 1) The magnets can interfere with the electronics of the unit suspended and 2) there is a inclination for movement on a lateral plane that would render whatever vertical isolation one gets effectually null.
Tash from Divergent seems like a pretty smart and honest guy and he seems to feel they work very well. Plus comparing them to Stillpoints at between $150-$600 a footer, a $25 solution, if it works, would be very welcome.
Plus I just watched a TED talk with a 14 year old that built a Fusion reactor in his garage, and a radiation detector to use in seaports that costs about $500 that works far better than the $200,00 units that are being used now. Get's ya' thinkin' :)
I think Symposium Roller block Jr HDSE work and sound even better!!
I went one step further by taking the James Randi amazing Randi magic course. Now I myself am able to levitate my own equipment without the use of any outside tweaks. Its just my gear floating in its own space. It is so much cheaper. And it just sounds so much better.
Levitate yourself, your components will follow..
Did you miss my recent post regarding simple fiber scratch pads? The soft, pristine uninfused type, probably factory surplus. They are 'perfect'. Magnetic flux might as well be a solid. The fiber pads absorb and dissipate.
Look into the Star Sound Technologies Apprentice platforms which are selling on Audiogon right now at an introductory price. I loved the SP-101 speaker platforms, so I bought one of these for my transport, and it is great, at an affordable price. And I should mention, the transport was already sitting on an Adona Zero SR4 rack.
This company knows their science. No gimmicks, and their products work as advertised.
Clearaudio Magix seems to have very satisified users. Separate footer units support 12 lbs each. Does anyone have any experience with these?
Wow, what a dismissive barrel of "responses" to the OP's honest question.

I have tried the Spike Sound Will supports, under my Marantz SA-7s1 player (48 lbs) and my 2-chassis Cary preamp. Spent a few weeks with them, but ultimately removed them. The sound may have gained a bit tighter focus compared to OEM feet, but was generally thinner. Deep bass, especially, was lacking, and I heard no improvement in soundstage. I am currently using Stillpoints (mini's under lighter components, Ultra SS under amps)

As with so many of these footer designs, positioning is critical. It appears these magnetic jobs have an ideal "load" and results vary widely depending on where you place them, especially under a heavier component. Or maybe it was a magnetic field effect?

I might have achieved better results with more experimentation (and may still try them again) but the lack of instant improvement discouraged me. So many tweaks (and variables), so little time...