Why are the Tympani 1 c's more than the Tympani 1D what is the difference?

Also what amps work well with the 1.6s?
Audio Research 100.2
Pass Labs 250
Try asking this question here you'll get a lot more of a response. There is a section at MUG that has every model explained by specifications, there's a link to that site from the one I just gave you.
Bryston 4B has the balls for those babies. I used a 4B for my Tympani 1Ds. They (Magnaplanars) can take whatever you feed em. The more quality power, the better. With Bryston you get real quality bang for the buck. There are others, too, of course, but this is a FWIW thing from first hand experience. peace, warren
Can't give you an answer for your first question, but Tireguy was right on about MUG. As far as an amp recommendation, I'd recommend an Innersound esl amp. I'm using the Innersound esl amp with Magnepan 1.6. and the sound is effortless. The amp is designed with high voltage and power to drive low impedence speakers such as Magnepans. I was able to do a in home trial of the amp from a dealer and never sent it back because its one killer of an amp!
yeah, i echo the above and add this: with maggies (wonderful speakers, btw), you really don't wanna skimp on amplification. they *really* reveal the differences in upstream equipment, so you want quality amps as well as ballsy. it will make all the difference between decent maggies and killer maggies.