Magneplanar MG1c-Help

I recently purchased a used pair of Magneplanar MG1 c's. Will a Pioneer VSX-D606s drive them? If not what is my best alternative? Will these be good for a home theater setting? What is their approximate worth? Any information or advice is greatly appreciated.
HI Iam chan siak gek from seting out MG spk in two pair.two for bass and midbass.another two for high. to get the best sound I FOUND TUBE PREAMP AND 200W POWER mosfet amp.or tube 100watt power amp.
A simple calculation is in order: The MG1c's are 4 ohm speakers with an 85/db/watt sensitivity. Your Pioneer receiver is 100x5 channels into 8 ohms at 1% THD, so lets assume that into 4 ohms at clipping runs 160 watts or so, which translates into 16 watts RMS before the 10dB peaks typically present in musical material cause the amplifier to clip. 16 watts give a 12 dB increase in SPL, so a single channel into a single speaker will give a 97 dB average SPL at 1 meter. At 12 feet with both speakers playing, this translates into roughly 94 dB. You have to decide if this is enough. As far as HT use is concerned, the Magneplanars are bipolar: certainly the center channel is useful but since there is already a lot of reflected sound from the back of the MG's, the surround channels may just muddle the sound. Definitely get a self-powered subwoofer, the MG's need it!
I owned a pair of MG1Cs for about 5 years (I now have moved up to MG3.3Rs), when I got my new maggies I gave my MG1Cs to a good friend, he has a Yamaha receiver of approx. the same level as your pioneer, they never sounded the same as when I was powering them with my NAD 2200, the receiver just didn't have enough guts to let the maggies sing. I would recommend that you get into a set of seperates, you can get an Adcom, NAD or Rotel amp(at least 100 to 150 watts) used for a couple of hundred dollars and then get a used Adcom, NAD, Rotel, B&K, or Carver pre/surround piece for another two to three hundred dollars and have a pretty good start for stereo or home theater. I think that Maggies work great for HT but, I must tell you, that other than the Magnepan Center Channel, you will have a very hard time finding a center channel speaker that will sound very good with them. You can probably find a used one of these as well. I think that the MG1Cs are probably worth somewhere in the $300 to $500 dollar range, although set up and driven properly they sound much better than that. Good luck