Magneplanar MG 3.6 Rs

Is there anybody in the Montreal area using these speakers willing to share information? Thanks.
Pbb, I'm not in Montreal, but, I have had a pair in my setup now for just over two weeks. I purchased them new to replace my MGIIIs. They are a remarkable loudspeaker. Same physical size as the IIIs but that is where the similarities end. Even without the recommended 400 hrs on them, they go so much further into the bass than the IIIs, the midrange has so much presence and air around each and every instrument, and that ribbon tweeter.... You can point out every player on the stage. They require a lot of room in front of and behind them and good, clean high current amps to open them up. The newer cosmetics and build quality are beautiful as well. The external crossovers can now be coupled directly to the panels via a mounting bracket and supplied pins to direct connect the boxes outputs to the panel inputs. If you have the room and the $$ (no discounts on these), grab a pair, and buckle your seatbelt and prepare to be enraptured. I think these are a "speaker to hang for life to". JMHO
Slipknot, thanks for the info. I just bought a used pair that I picked up last Sunday and am having real problems with them. I am trying to hear a pair that is functioning properly to gauge whether mine are healthy or not. With the number of fuses blowing at what I consider a loud but not overly loud volume, I have serious doubts. Thanks. PBB.
You might want to post this same question over at under(planars/statics/ribbons)as there is very informative info on maggies from Magnepan users.