Magneplanar MG 3.6 / R

Hello, I am a Spanish citizen, who owns a Magneplanar MG 3.6 / R, I had the misfortune to break one of the twteers, in Spain there is no distributor of Magneplanar, and in the rest of Europe the prices are mu abusive, I do not know how I am in contact with Magneplanar USA, since I do not speak English and they do not have e-mail .... I ask for help to see if someone from the forum has a spare tweteer for Magneplanar MG 3.6 / R serial nº 71156-1, le I would be very grateful, or the way to be able to contact with Magneplanar ..... I have spoken very well of a Sheila .... please I need help! thank you very much....

Juan Ramon
If you could write this post, you should be able to email a dealer
I did not find a direct email to Magnepan, but 
Audio Perfection is located in Minneapolis, MN, so why not choose that dealer? He is close to the factory and should get a quick reply.
Thank you very much to all those who have answered me, I am very grateful, anyway if there is someone who owns a replacement of the Magneplanar MG 3.6 / R tweeter and I would like to sell it, that you contact me. Thank you all.

Juan Ramon


you need a repair set from Magnepan. They will not send it during the winter, the glue will not tolerate freezing. The repair set contains three ribbons, glue and shims for lining up the ribbon. You can get the E-Mail adress to Magnepan from me, they want it to be hidden.

Roger Gustavsson

[email protected]