Magneplanar .7 speakers. Have you heard or own them??

I have owned a pair of Golden Ear Technology for about 8 months. I generally like them because of their high level of accuracy and general transparency   However, despite those virtues, I find them to sound cool, and not very involving, or engaging.  Everything being equal, they don't seem to convey the emotional content of the music. I also been finding it difficult to get them to sound right. They can sound a bit bright on some CD's and also provide an overtone on vocals 

I would like to get  feedback from owners of the Magneplanar's .7 speaker, or even if you have only auditioned the speaker a few times in anticipation of buying. Some of the reviews I have read claim that with a fairly powerful amp or integrated, they can cleanly down to 45Hz, but their major strength is a superb midrange and smooth high end. Of course, being familiar with "Maggies" they can give a buyer ulcers trying to get them to sound right especially in medium size room because of their design.  My room is 12.5 X 15 and is separated by a couch to a dining and kitchen area.of almost the same size 

Therefore, I am curious if the .7 can convey that  emotion of music with the same clarity of a  dynamic speaker.  My system is a Rogue Sphinx integrated  amp (100 RMS @ 8ohms, and 200 RMS at 4ohms.  CD player is a Ayre CX-7e mp.

Speaker cables are Harmonic Technology PRO 11+ and  HT Truthlink IC.  I  plug the system into the less expensive Blue Circle's  conditioner which is outstanding,  Thanks to all!!

BTW , I heard the .7 once but not for long, and in a audio shop that carries both Maggies and Golden Ear Technology speakers  However , the owner never seems to have .7 and the GET model 7 on display for audition at the same time.  .   



I suggest you hunt down a mint pair of used MGIIIa's for $800-1000.

The 6 foot maggies  have bass, tone, resolution, and frequency response that the shorter ones do not!

Your amp has enough power IMO.

To don- c55. Good suggestion,  two problems: 1) I don't think they will either fit or work in my room  2) There could be a WAF dilemma. 

Nevertheless, I will check out the planar used section on AG and possibly e-bay  Thanks  

Solution :

1) Use them in a small room any way - I have, and they work well.

2) Keep your wife out of the room.
I've recently bought the Magnepan .7 for my modest AV setup.
I highly recommend these quasi-ribbon Maggies. I had a concern regarding dynamics, center imaging and bass response. With the tweeter array to the inside, the speakers have very good impact and focus. I supplement the low frequencies with a subwoofer with fine results. What is especially gratifying, is that I'm finding myself in front of these for change-of-pace music listening. The magic of the Magnepan presentation is very refreshing and engaging. As is often advised, make sure you have enough power/current to drive these.

Papermill,  Thank you for the comments they are useful.  I have a Rogue Sphinx V.1 hybrid integrated amp which is 100RMS, and supposedly more into 4 ohms.  I have read in the  separate reviews in Stereophile and TAS that depending on the room size, 100RMS can drive Maggies .7  well enough to sound full, and even reach down to 45 Hz 

This claim was made by  Herb Reichert of Stereophile who is a overly enthusiastic and therefore needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  In his review, he drove the .7  first with the Rogue Sphinx and was a happy camper, but in the end he fell back on his favorite amp, the Vinny Rossie LM218 integrated which is about $4300. Therefore, I don't really find his  reviews credible or the method he uses to review speakers by changing amplifiers to a more expensive and possibly better sounding.

Nevertheless, I am just looking for a speaker that is smooth and enjoyable to listen to despite having to sacrifice some low bass. BTW, what is the size of the room your .7 are placed, and what type of amp are you using.

 I am not wedded to the Rogue Sphinx, especially since they made  important changes to the model about 8 months after I bought it.  It is now the Rogue Sphinx v.2   BTW, to upgrade from v.1 to v.2 is $400. plus the cost of round trip shipping  That would add $200 extra because I live in Los Angeles and Rogue is located somewhere in Pennsylvania.  I don't find this to be so-called customer friendly.   


Glad to help.
Reviewers in general have a propensity to be over enthusiastic of the equipment they review. However, there are a few good ones out there that I trust. I especially appreciate Doug Schroeder of Dagogo and Art Dudley of Stereophile....
I can't overemphasize the need for a good amount of power/current for the Magnepan. 100RMS into 4 ohms sounds a little light to me, but I'm unfamiliar with Rogue -  although I understand they are very nice.
My .7s  are powered by an EMOTIVA XPA-2, 500RMS into 4 ohms.
The basement room is irregularly shaped, but the width of the area where the Magnepans are situated is about 10 ft. 3.5 feet off the front wall, 7 feet apart, the listening/watching couch is about 7.5 feet from the speakers. If you intend to forgo the use of a sub, then the size of the panels will make a significant impact on bass response. I've also been told that the distance from the front wall significantly impacts the bass response. IF you have a larger room that can accommodate the 1.7, then maybe you could consider them. I recommend, if feasible, audition them in your room. Their clean, open soundfield  is very musically enjoyable. There are many forums here and elsewhere regarding all things Magnepan - with much greater experience/expertise than I'm able to offer...
All the best and good luck.

Correction of reply to Papermill: Reviewer Herb Reichert used the Rogue Sphinx integrated almost exclusively to drive the Magneplanar .7. 

I was mistaken also about the amp; he generally cites the glories of the Line Magnetic LM518IA  a tube amp of 22 watts per channel which this month he used to audition the inexpensive Elac B6 bookshelf 

As far as power, I could sell the Rogue and look for a used Parasound Halo integrated which is 160RMS or its equivalent.  I just need an integrated that has a good MM/MC  phono stage  I don't need a DAC because I have no desire to stream music. It  would only be a benefit  if integrated's DAC was superior to the DAC in my Ayre CX-7emp CD player

However from what you  noted about room size and distance from the back wall. I might not have it.  I can get them out about 4 ft from the back wall, and still be seated at least 8ft from center point between  the speakers   However, 6 ft apart is about all I can manage in my current living room set-up. 

I took an interest in this model because of its more compact size compared the larger Maggies, and because I would like a more open soundfield or sound stage and a smoother top end  Musicality is the key.   Thank you for the advice.  

 BTW, how do you handle the speaker terminals on the Maggies. I am running another thread in "Tech Talk" about the ridiculous terminals they have used for 30 years. Any fire hose speaker cable with quality larger  banana plugs will not fit in that hole which secures the male connector with a  screw lug. ( A standard banana plug might work)     

Given the potential issues with Maggies, you might consider an alternative like the Spatial M4's.  They'd been reviewed on this site and there's an extensive thread on audiocircle.
Your room size might not be an issue as far as distance from each speaker is concerned. Toe-in or lack-of is always a determinant of integration of imaging.
And I think your initial interest in the Magnepan "open sound field, smooth top-end and musicality" is spot on. They deliver.
BTW - When I refer to "front wall" I'm referring to the wall as you face the speakers... and it sounds like you've plenty of distance from the speakers. 
Per your other thread, banana adapters work perfectly fine on the speaker terminals.
That you are investigating a integrated with a phono stage really interests me because I'm a die-hard vinyl audiophile, and I'm thinking about setting up an analog rig to the AV - just because I'm expecting vinyl to be a really great match to the Magnepans.... 
Try the Parasound Halo A21....n if you can with a Modwright
LS 100 preamp.......Henry. 
I have heard almost all the GoldenEar stereo speakers plus their best soundbar and some of their subs. I’ve also heard the Magneplanar 1.7, 3.7, and 20.7. I have owned the 1.7 since Nov. 2013 and picked them in a close audition over the GoldenEar Triton 7s.

What I noted about the GoldenEars was not a lack of involvement, but rather how their folded ribbon tweeter is free of inertia artifacts--no ringing or overshoot, simply sweet fast treble with great extension.

I also noticed with the Triton 7 that their passive radiator augmented bass overloaded the audition rooms easily. Ironically, the active Tritons could have done better in that situation because the bass can be turned down to match the room loading. For the passive Triton 5 and 7, they have to be better matched to the room size and dimensions, and may well need bass traps to tame that 100 Hz hump that seems to form so easily with many speakers in many rooms.

Anyway, I chose the Magenplanar 1.7 because it has this very natural presentation devoid of boxy artifacts, doesn’t have that room resonance hump, (which I suspect is because the dipole pattern cancels that resonance). And they are magical on inner detail, revealing vocal harmonies obscured my many speakers. The thing that sold me is how my wife noticed how they articulated the eight vocal parts in Mendelssohn’s cantato, "Elijah."

There is *so* much I like about the Maggies: the lack of boxy coloration, the effortlessness, the way sound and images hang in 3D space, inner detail, and the way they scale up and down with the music and ensemble size. There’s something magical about combining a line source with lots of radiating area. Plus the Maggie diaphragm weighs less than the air it’s moving.

I really don’t think the Magneplanars are *that* demanding of amplification; it just has to be the *right* amplification. The Absolute Sound’s rave reviews of the 1.7 were done with a Rogue Cronus Magnum with the internal jumpers set to 4 ohm output. My auditions were powered by a $1500 NAD C 376BEE integrated amp and it was a *really* good combination. It’s also reputed to have a good phono preamp. I'll admit I wouldn't mind a 250 wpc Bryston if I could afford it, but I really can't complain about my MAGI hand-wired tube preamps and vintage Perreaux PMF1150B power amp.

Speaking of... I particularly love the way my 1.7s caress my LPs. They invariably put a smile on my face or bring me to tears, or feel hopeful and triumphant--whatever the music calls for. Tone quality and timbre are spot-on, and the radiating pattern fills the room like live music.

To be fair, I *do* use a couple of small, very fast subwoofers to fill out the 35-50 Hz. section. A Magneplanar DWM panel with a pair of .7s would probably be about perfect.

Although the frequency range of the .7s would be about the same as a 6" 2-way mini-monitor, the .7s would have an advantage in scaling up and down--from solo to full orchestra--over most mini-monitors, and the DWM is a made-to-order solution to getting more and lower bass extension to properly energize the listening are.

To Johnnyb53,   Thank you for your extensive comments on both the GET model speakers, and Magneplanar 1.7 and .7.  Was there not an "R"  version of the   1.7?? 

Nevertheless, very helpful information.  The Golden Ear Tech model 7 is a very good speaker.  Though it can sound a bit peaky with certain CD's Also,. I am not sure its bass is as tight or dynamic as it should be.  I probably need to switch back to the Grover Hoffman speaker cable which I thought had outstanding bass, but lacked the balance and coherence of the Harmonic Technology PRO 11 + that I replaced them with. 

As far as the Maggie 1.7 (or 1.7R),  the speaker is bigger in size than the new .7. Though, I love deep tight bass, I am a little reluctant to add a  Maggie subwoofer, or for that matter any other brand.SW  The key at this point is whether I will continue using Rogue Sphinx integrated, or find another integrated with more power like the Parasound Halo. The NAD 376BEE I am sure packs a wallop of power, but is also pug ugly.

The issue is whether the Maggie .7 or even 1.7 can deliver the punch and fullness of classic rock music which I play a lot,  some classical, and occasionally rock/jazz fusion like Jeff Beck,  Chick Corea.  Though, as I get older, I find myself moving away from traditional 60's 70's rock, and more toward lighter jazz and world music.  I will have to see how this shakes out

BTW, Today,  I played   one of the Allman Brothers classic albums, "Eat a Peach" which has not been played for over a year.  In particular, the track "Mountain Jam" is as good as it gets marked by the interplay between Richard Betts and the great Dwayne Allman. His musicianship is extraordinary. The Golden Ear Technology model 7 . held its own across the board on this piece played loud.  However, bass, though deep had an almost flappy cardboard sound.  Also, the midrange was not as full on this selection as other speaker,. I have heard in shops which cost a lot more.  The Maggies .7 or 1.7 will have to provide a much fuller midrange with clear detail than  GET model 7 on this Allman Brother's track for me to move toward  a planar speaker.

 Though,. it might be too much to ask of the planar design without going to the bigger Maggies which I cannot accommodate or afford.  Many thanks to all  Cheers!!  

I've owned maggies off and on for 30 years.  I would say I'm a fan.   I had the .7's for awhile. 

Here's the thing I can't get over with maggies... the lack of microdynamics.  Sure, they play loud and sound good on some kinds of music.   But I listen to a lot of classical music, piano, violin, harpsichord, etc.   And the maggies just don't do quiet like a good dynamic speaker. 

Love the big image.   But can't live with them.   If I was a rock n roll only guy they'd be fine for me.    But I'm not. 

I am currently listening to the Goldenear Triton 7's powered by a Rogue Cronus Magnum II.  The sound is good, but I keep asking myself if I could be getting more out of the amp with different speakers.  I love the .7s and the guy at my local audio dealer said there was more than enough power in that amp to run the maggies.   So we shall see.  

I only just last week compared the 1.7i and the .7's at my local audio dealer while I was waiting for the return of my preamp.  At home I sit around 10-12 feet from my speakers (currently Thiel CS3.5) while in the store the distance was maybe 4-6 feet. 

We we hooked the .7's up first.  I have to relate that I found the 1.7i's disappointing by comparison, particularly in the midrange.  It was almost as if someone had tossed a blanket over the 1.7's, they seemed to be holding something back.  

I happen to be very fond of Magnepan and Thiel both, and normally given my perverse sense of buying audio equipment I would have purchased the One-Sevens sound unheard. Now that I have I will probably buy the Point-Sevens based upon that audition. 

To to my ears they presented everything better.  
Interesting comment, Seattle_Mike, I don't find it to be the case that Maggies don't do quiet like dynamic speakers. I presume you mean thereby that they don't do quiet as well. I find otherwise; typically the Maggies are more quiet in dark/silent passages than dynamic speakers, especially ones with higher efficiency. Typically such easier to drive dynamic speakers have more noise, that is, they reveal more low level noise associated with the recording space. If that is what you mean as a measure of how "live" the recording is, then I concur. But if you mean simply being quiet when there is no signal, I disagree. 

I find that one can adjust to either type of technology, and how the system is set up, i.e. what the other components are, makes all the difference. 
I believe what Seattle Mike means by doing quiet is small-signal, low-level resolution, the ability to differentiate between two levels very close together at very low signal level. Think of it the way we do about a volume control’s finer graduation at higher settings than at lower. At lower settings, the space between clicks on a volume control are coarser, further apart (3dB versus 1dB at higher settings, say). A speaker that "does quiet" better will provide finer graduations in low-level signals. For me, that’s Electrostatic and other low-mass drivers. The wires running across the Mylar drivers of Maggies seriously increases their moving mass, one reason the Eminent Technology Magnetic-Planar drivers are superior (another is the ET’s push-pull operation versus the Maggies single-ended---excluding the very nice Magnepan Ribbon Tweeters, of course).

 Thanks to everyone who responded  since my last  reply on 3/31/16. I fooled around more with the  placement  of the GET model's, and got them to sound better, but still there are minor annoying problem. 

In the interim,  I bought a used pair on this site of Wharfdale Denton 80th anniversity monitor  speakers. I have been blown away by the quality and quantity of sound that comes out of this gem. My only quibble is when they get loud, the high-end gets a tad constricted and less smooth. Other than that, the speaker should be a universal template on how to make an enjoyable and easy to listen to speaker.  The sound euphonic (no not warm) but its level of accuracy and detail make it also revealing on many levels.

My other recent preoccupation has been buying an upgrade and cleaned Thorens TD-145.  No long explanation about the drawbacks of vintage, except don't buy it.. Improved damping makes the table dead quiet during play, but I need to find a more compatible and better sounding cartridge than the AT120E which is good, but also sounds restricted in the highs and can sound a bit tinny.  The problem I think is either the headshell and/or tonearm . The headshell offer little leaway backward and forward to set up cartridge using a Geo Disc  .The Thorens headshell protractor is a laughable piece of plastic junk. 

I hope  I can find  either a very good high output MC, or a very good MM under $400.  I would like to avoid the Ortofon  2M  series which I have read does not get really get very good until you get to 2M Black (currently $775)  At that price, I would be better served with a mint used Dynavector 10X5 which because of its weight might not be ideal for the Thorens tonearm.  I used to have a link to measuring chart that explained tonearm capitance and how to match it to cartridge capsitance and phono stage impedance .

 Actually, I think I would have been better served if I bought a new or possibly used VPI Scout Jr (or  a Clearaudio Concept TT w/o cartridge), and replaced the pre-mounted Ortofon 2M Red which has become the prepack favorite of several brands.......   Stay tuned!!     .   


I have had the .7 for four months now, paired with a Rogue Pharaoh or Music Reference RM9 MK II. I too found it more coherent than the 1.7, and emotionally engaging in a way any of the GETs were not. My room is 11 x 15. Paired with stereo REL 218s the sound stage is enormous. PI acoustic QRD type diffusors are the 3D icing on the cake.

To Oregontreat,   Thank s for the comment about  the  Maggie.7.  Like many of the other responses it will be helpful in making a decision. BTW, my listening space is about the same size as your room. 

Also, thanks for the heads up about QRD type diffusors. How did they help with your room acoustics in relationship to Maggies,?? 

I was just this week lucky enough to get a pair of .7's from a fellow member who had them for all of 6 months -$1200 including the acrylic stands. After auditioning them against the 1.7i's a couple of weeks back I truly scored a great buy here. 

They're being played with a B. A. T. VK3i preamp and a Primare A34.2 class D amplifier which will output close to 300 watts into 4 ohms. 

When I auditioned them I was sitting about 6 feet away, in my living room I'm sitting at least 10 feet. (24 long X 13 wide, ceiling 17 ft)

To say I'm content is an understatement.  I think the .7's are simply a better speaker than the big brothers, offering better defined midrange and highs, especially with vinyl.  To my ears the big brothers seemed reserved, less strident. There was definitely a more present bass aspect, but there's enough with the .7's to make the decision of spending less palpable. 

Whether or not I'll add a sub is something that might develop over a longer term, but for now these are easily up there in my all time favorites. 
To Oregon and Oblgny   Both of your provide rave reviews of the Magneplanar  .7 speaker. I am curious if you ever seen , heard  or seriously auditioned  the Scansonic 2.5 speaker which has  a small footprint and is slim column that retails for $3600., Fortunely they are being resold in what can only be termed a fire sale on AG.  This line is SUPPOSED have the pedigree of the Raidho speakers made in Denmark which sell for almost twice the price.  If either of you auditioned the Scansonic 2.5 model, I would appreciate you comparative comments about them and the Maggie.7   Thank you,  Jim
Been away for a while.  The Pi AQD diffusers enlarge the soundstage in every dimension, particularly depth. I also have a mix of ASC, GIK and Primacoutic traps.  Of course, with stereo RELs and the .7 the soundstage is huge to start.  

I have heard the scansonic at my local raidho, magicio, Devore, Zanden, constellation, etc. dealer.   I think they found the bass not as fulsome as the raidho, which was a good thing.  They sounded good but I was not listening critically
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Actually, more than just depth with the PI AQDs. 3D palpable presence and corporeal dimensionality. I am a big fan.  
OT, do you have a link to the above room acoustic devices you mention above. I am afraid to ask, but how expensive are they?? I live in an apartment with  a listening space that is 12X15; a medium size sofa divides the living room space from the dining room/ kitchen area whose dimensions from sofa to the front door are approx 22X15  It is a one bedroom and total space dimensions are 34X15 with 8.5 to 9 ft ceiling. Therefore, acoustic devices I buy will not be permanent to the room as if I owned a home. Even with a few wall carpet wall hangings, maps and two 7 ft book shelves. the sound of the speakers can sound hollow and overbearing. There is an overstuffed recliner that unfortunately is in the way of the right speaker Behind the speakers is a 6 ft picture window blind, and a standard door out to the balcony.  Thank you
Pi acoustics has a current for sale post in the accessories/acoustics section.  The other companies have a robust web presence with good websites.  Pi is a huyge bargain.
For the same price you can get a used pair of Eminent Technology LFT-8b’s, the best-kept secret in hi-fi. New price $2499, used maybe $1500. Better than not just the .7, but the 1.7 as well. Honest.

I haven't had an opportunity to listen to Scansonics as New York - which does have a few remaining bricks-and-mortar stores - doesn't appear to have a dealer.  

I've decided to add a sub into my Maggie .7 setup, in this case a Rythymik L12 which I've been reading good things about in various circles.  This is not to say that they're lacking in bass but my room is 14X24 and I sit about 10 feet away. The Rythymik is a whopping $539 shipped - a price I find to be a worthy small investment. 


At slightly higher levels than I usually listen at the .7's are just wonderful.  Timbre, mids, all there and remarkably clean. Bass is tight, defined, not at all what I define as "tuned" or "voiced", but on some Ray Brown (jazz bassist) I clearly missed the lower registers. Wind and string instrument clarity is almost unsettling - as in "how did Tom Waits get in the house" unsettling. All good. 

I've had them 2 feet from the rear wall, with experiments pointing to 3 feet as being the best to my ears. They're about 8 feet apart with very minor toe-in.  Tweeters on the outside as suggested and as I have had my previous Maggies positioned. Fortunately they are relatively light-weight so jacking them around is very easy and I can move them back alongside my rack when not listening. Either I'm a little more forgiving of positioning or the .7's are; I find the separation and sweet spot not so tight as  to require a satellite GPS to find.  

My amp is a Primare A34.2 class D design. 150 into 8 ohms, "almost" 300 into 4 ohms which, (Primare's response to my inquiry since the manual nor the website didn't offer the info.) for my listening levels and lifelong record of never blowing so much as a fuse, is sufficient. My pre is a B. A. T. VK3i. I like tubing the front end. 

As with Thiel, Magnepan makes you re-listen to the music in your collection, even explore new artists previously overlooked or forgotten.  Within my budget either brand is a worthwhile investment. 

I'll update this a bit when I incorporate the sub. 

I know I'm late but you can't go wrong with magnepan 1.7 my room is 12 x 15 and they really sing. I was using emotiva 1L but they did not get along with the speakers multiple failures occurred finally went with the Parasound 2.1 and couldn't be happier a whole new level of sound. Incredible definition and sound stage plus a great preamp section for digital or mm mc vinyl.