Magneplanar 1.6 break in period

Hello I just purchased a pr of 1.6s.They sound a bit bright,diffused and tight.Approx how many hrs does it take to break them in?
my 1.6's took 200hrs to sound good and then evey month for about 6 months they just kept getting better. Be patient and you shall be rewarded. I also added a REL Strata 2 subwoofer , it was the best upgrade I've ever made. With the sub I think the Maggies compete with anything outthere.
After a few weeks, you'll probably need to re-voice your system with a change of ic's and speaker cables. Positioning in the room is also important--sounds like you've got 'em to close to wall behind them, self-cancellation from the backwave can occur. And as mentioned, a sub is a definite necessity with the 1.6. REL is usually recommended, but I've gotten good results with Hsu.
I have heard from several magnepan owners that they sound really bad until they are broken in for 200+ hours. Then they sound really good ! Great speaker.
Marko445 is on the money, they'll improve for about 6 months with daily use. When mine were new, I used the supplied resistors to tame the tendency to sound overly bright. After acouple months time they really snoothed out and I removed the resistors.