Magnepans: single or bi-wire?

I have a pair of 3.6 maggies that I've used with great enjoyment over the last year. I've run class D amplification (Spectron Musician MKII) with Speltz complaints.
I am reconfiguring my system and would appreciate hearing from others who have experience using single rather than bi-wire speaker cable runs. I most likely will be using Clear Day speaker cables going forward. I appreciate your thoughts!
It's all realy meant to biamp and not biwire.
Biwire is meant to charge more for a cable. Other than that who gives...
I biwire and find it to have a small advantage. If you plan on changing wires, then all you can do is try the setup with your new wires. Perhaps you can also try with the new wires and your old experimenting with them as what sounds best?
just single new wire.
Biwire new on top, old on bottom, or vs.
or the old biwires alone.
Elizabeth: I noticed your post on 8/22/11 where you noted
that Magnepan 3.6 were biwireable, but the new 3.7 are not...interesting. I think I'll give Magnepan a call Monday and ask them for their take.