Magnepans or...Martin Logan

Dear All, ....sorry very interested but only newby.

Could I have insights on which to choose - up to USD 2.500 - and the reasons. Used or new. Brand and models.

Live in Santiago, Chile so very high addtional shipping and insurance costs - at least double.  Furthermore no possibility of local testing - no models available I must get it right blindly first time. 

Type of music I listen to: Folk, Jazz, Movies, New Age.

Much appreciate your help.

Thanks and regards !
+1 for Emerald Physics, BUT- ask them to pack more securely, than they do for domestic shipping. That’s after four decades of owning planars(Acoustat and Magnepan).
I was also thinking maybe open baffle would be a good compromise in size for shipping and efficiency for amp as well as getting much of the ESL sound. Special Audio and Pure Audio Project are two that are well reviewed and in your price range. Actually Pure Audio Project ships from over seas already they may be easier to deal with since they already ship world wide.
I guess I'd probably agree that the Emerald Physics open baffle speakers might be a better option than the Maggies for the reasons noted.  However, they're pretty heavy and will be more difficult to ship safely.  

The Pure Audio Project open baffle speakers might also be a good option - though, I think the Emerald Physics may have a better sound.  But, the PAP's with the Voxativ driver do sound great.  And, you can try different drivers fairly easily - since they're "plug and play."  

But... again... I'd likely take the Proac Response D2 stand-mount monitor over either of them, when matched with the right amp, for acoustic music.  And, they're much easier to ship and manage.
Years ago I want from ML to ProAc Response 2.5's and it was a very good move. proac's make music and their stand mounters disappear in the music. I've also owned tablet 50sig's. 

cant go wrong with ProAc's imo 
If you’re paying to ship something like a Magnepan or Martin Logan halfway around the world, invest in a wood crate. There’s a reason that works of art, like large paintings which are very similar size and shape to a Magnepan!, are shipped by museums in crates and not boxes. Better to invest in a sound shipping method up front than have to scramble after the fact with a hole punched straight through.