Magnepans and cats, do they mix?

This is to those Maggie owners out there with cats, do you ever have trouble with the two? I'm all set to buy a pair, but have some reservations because I have two cats that are curious about *everything*.
Hi Terrence
Try taking some Orange peels and place them around the speakers or what ever you don't wish them near
if you run out of Orange peels just go to Bed Bath and beyond
and purchase orange citrus spray and spray into a small plastic sandwich bagie and place behind each speaker.
Kitty no like
Cheers John
I have two cats also. Both have had their front claws removed and are no longer a threat to my Magnepans and the furniture.
We once had a cat that would climb up my Maggies and perch on the top. They were old MGII with a relatively wide wood frame. Evidently there was enough clearance between the cloth and the diaphram so that the claws did no damage. The cloth was the old loose rough weave but the new knitted material would probably be damaged.

I was able to discourage my cat by means which PETA would probably not approve. Lots of luck!
I had some MG-1s, purchased 'used' which a series of cats NEVER LOOKED AT TWICE. The original owner claimed he 'treated' them with something....I simply don't remember what, it was 25 years ago and the cats simply ignored 'em.

If I get another cat, you can be sure my new 1.6s will get the citrus treatment. or maybe barbed wire and a mine field.
funny post that may help

my favorite is the stick with a nail
I think they will see them as giant scratching posts. Other than SPCA/PETA approved ways, maybe you can make some covers for them.

It's been said that Cat Stevens used Maggies for mastering a couple of his albums. Maybe there is some mystical connection.
Several speakers and (very sadly) several cats ago, I had a pair of MG-1s. For a couple of weeks after setting them up, I sprayed a bunch of rags pretty heavily with the stuff that supposedly smells repellent to cats (can't remember the brand name), and used them to surround the bases of the speakers. For those weeks, the house looked a bit like an early scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but I ended up never having to spray the speakers themselves, and the cats stayed away from them for years, despite their fondness for demonstrating creative woodworking and upholstery skills on the rest of our furniture.
If your worried about cats and speakers , don't have a cat or don't have the speaker. My cats don't mess with my gear ??? BTW having your cats claws
removed is criminal in my opinion. Cats don't have claws because they don't
need them.
I had a pair of MG 12's. My wife brought home two kittens from the shelter. One day discovered one or both kittens climbed up one side and down the other, both speakers. tattered and threads pulled pretty bad.
i ordered a pair of new cloths from Magnepan, replaced them and sold the speakers. An 85 dollar cost and a real pain in the butt to replace. there is always the possibility...
Claws alone are not the only problem. the rear paws can dent a driver very nicely when a feline hops up on top of a non-maggie type speaker like my thiels..I've sent two drivers back to be repaired, so maggie owners are not alone. I'm on my way to get some of that orange spray and some sandwich bags...
The plastic bags can be used in a different way. Need I explain?