magnepanLRS or 1.7i ?

I am thinking about getting Magnepan LRS or 1.7i ?  My question is a Behringer 500A amp adequate for either of these speakers? The LRS for $650 seems like a great deal.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

Your amp has enough power (300 watts/ch @ 4 ohms).  People will argue about if the amp is high quality enough, something only you can decide.  Larger Maggies allow higher sound pressure levels and have more bass.  Smaller maggies with a sub or two have a fuller range and more bass capability.  You need to establish the factors most important to you and pick which fits your needs best.  
You can literally buy 3 pairs of the LRS for the price of one pair of 1.7i.
I say go with the 1.7i and save yourself from upgrading later.
You'll get better frequency response and bigger better sound.

If you have the space, it makes sense to go with the larger Maggies.
The new LRS will definitely need some subs. The larger Maggie would benefit from a sub or two, as well, like the Vandy 2wq, which has the benefit of relieving the amp from the heavy demands of the lower frequencies.
Though I haven't heard them, Ralph Karsten swears by Sound Lab speakers.
Thanks Hi-Fi's. I am looking for life-like music at the lowest possible cost.  I am using a Benchmark DAC, Paradigm Studio 40v4 speakers, Alix silent computer with Voyage MPD with a Samsung SSD T, Behringer 500A per speaker one channel only on each.   I listen mostly to "Classical" and Jazz.  Love 24 bit sound. May try the LRS to see if bass is enough for me. Thanks again,"Music moves me"
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