Magnepan with upgraded fuses

Just purchased a used 1.6QR and I'm thinking of upgrading the fuses. I like the improvement that HiFi Tuning fuses have done with my Pre, Amp and CDP but not sure if they would make much difference in the Maggies.
Has anyone used upgraded fuses in Maggies? And, if so what changes, if any, did you hear.
There is some improvement in low-level clarity , IMHO worth doing, but I won't worry about it if they blew.
I put Audio Magic fuses in my 3.7R's. Nice reduction in grain with the new fuses. Go for it.
Make sure you replace the jumpers with Cardas jumpers. This makes more of an improvment than the fuses do. But do both the fuses and the jumpers.
Fuses are outside the signal path.I can't imagine there would be any audio benefit.
I replaced the fuses. and got coils for the jumpers.
The coil instead of jumper is a tweak i read about over on Audio Asylum in the planar asylum.
Thanks for all the responses. Been traveling so checking AGon is sporadic.
Elizabeth, please elaborate on "coils." I'm unfamiliar with them.
Schipo - you are mistaken - the audio signal runs directly thru the fuses on Magnepans, so it is every bit as important to sound quality as he speaker cables.
Does Magnepan insist when auditioning? That all there speakers be listened to with upgraded fuse's? I am guessing"NOT".
If the signal is not going through the fuse, then what is the fuse there for?
Of course the signal runs through the fuse. Ceramic or composite fuses are better than glass.
I'm planning on bi- wiring which I assume is better than upgraded jumpers. Am I correct?