Magnepan w/Krell integrated 400xi-good match?

looking at the krell integrated 400xi, 400 wpc into 4ohms and 200 wpc into 8ohms to run with my mmgs. may upgrade to 1.6 or 3.6 in near future...any opinions on how the krell will sound with any of the maggies? or any speaker for that matter....i'm thinking the krell 400xi should sound great with the maggies, but i have no experience with krell and do not know what their signature sound is. thanks for suggestions....
So, Cooch the tubes not doing it? Krell goes great with Maggies. Bryston, as well. If you're thinking on down the longer road at the 3.6s, I'd go with the Bryston. With a flip of a switch in the back, you be good to bridge them. Will require another Bryston, but they will eat those watts up. They love 'em.
warren, my amp is good for nearfield and i was happy, but when i put in the big room it didn't cut it. thanks for the input.
I just don't relate to Maggies for nearfield listening. They need oodles of room and have to be placed four feet from the back wall to truly come alive. Anyway, you've heard this rap before. Good luck.
I used to run a pair of 1.5's with the ksa100mk2 great match especially with a tube preamp. this amp had huge amounts of current and was 100wpc and cut it in a larger room so the 400 should be fine. Krell is known for providing sufficient current with virtually any load.
also looking at musicalal fidelity integrated A5. thoughts on this vs. the krell 400xi?
some say the krell has no soundstaging whatsoever, and that the MF A5 is much more musical....
This model Krell you are asking about is not like the usual Krell designs which are known to drive demanding loads.Not knowing your room size,listening levels etc.makes this load hard to drive.
If you are considering the A5, I suggest looking at the MF A308 first.
someone recommended dissun. never heard of them but specs are impressive. cant find prices either
any good?
i meant dussun. are these any good and would they mate well with maggies?