Magnepan Upgrade

I have a mint pair of 2.6R's on Sound Anchor stands (recently rebuilt at the factory). I would like to take them to the limit and was wondering if anyone knew of a company modifying Maggies. I have heard of a company called KMF Audio but don't know how to contact them. Anyone have any suggestions/alternatives etc. Any help most appreciated. The maggies are being driven by Pass Labs X600's with a wadia 270/27ix front end.

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Get the Cardas Maggie wire kit and Mye stands and then see if you need to mess with wiring. I'm sure it makes a difference to bypass the fuses, but that idea scares me.

And if you are interested in upgrading, I'm selling my 3.6R's...and I hope the editor doesn't pull this response, because I have an active ad! (hint hint)

Good luck! Maggies are awesome in the right room with good power.