Magnepan Unitrac+Denon 103 to need a turntable

I have been keeping some elements from my first systems and would like to put them to work...
A Magnepan Unitrac and a Denon 103(vdh) are ready to be installed in a turntable and would really appreciate any recommendation. I used to have a Oracle MK? but, at least at that time, it was a hell to be adjusted.
Many thanks in advance
Regards, dgd
I'm using the Magnepan Unitrac with my Oracle Mk II.I have it parked on a very stable surface and adjustments are definetly short of hell.Not that I'm ready to install an ET2 or anything.My Oracle AC required more adjustment,but I think perhaps the springs were a little worn.
Thanks Casey33.
Oracle should probably be my first option as it also takes me to good old days..., but I do not quite know if I am ready for the adjustment issue and the second hand market search. I wonder if there is any "confirmed" alternative in the middle price, no suspension adjustment, new turntable segment...
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but have you listened to the unitrac and the denon. On paper it's not a good match. I was an original unitrac owner around 1980 and the arm works best with high compliance cartridges(the denon is a low compliance cartridge). I used mine with a grado moving magnet as well as a sumiko bluenote, both high compliance cartridges.
Mine is a 103D and its "more than reasonable" dynamic compliance of 12x10 -6/dyne at 100 Hz (higher at 10Hz) is much higher than the 103 (5x10...). Curiously, the 103D is the cartridge shown in the Magnepan users manual instructions pictures...At that time I also used a Grace F9e (same compliance than 103D) and both sounds were great to my ears with the Magnepan. Well, this is the reason why I have been keeping them (unfortunately not the Grace)
Hi, Dgd.

I've also got a Magnepan Unitrac Arm. I also have an Oracle Mk III with full Brooks Berdan mods as well as a Rega P3 TT.

The Unitrac has been mounted in the Rega since I put a Graham arm in the Oracle.

I bought the local dealer's personal Unitrac with the full dealer kit, & so have a few spare everything, especially lead wires. If you need anything, let me know & I may be able to help.

Can't comment on the Denon, but have enjoyed several carts in the Uni including:
Grace F9e, same as your latest post. This was the dealer's favorite as well. I still have a brand new one unopened just in case :-)
Dynavector 23KR - I loved it in my second system, but the Dyna cart may not be the best match for a unipivot arm, since when you lunch the stylus it's game over, no replacement. Maybe better to use a gimbaled arm with the Dyna.
Sumiko Blue Pt. No.2 - also works fine.

Franks makes some good points re: the compliance, etc. Like all here, it all seems to come down to the sum of the parts. The following links may be useful in your search: - has both a tonearm database and a cartridge database. Just enter the cartridge or arm model & you will get all the data you want. - also has a tonearm database & other tidbits.

There are also several Oracle tune up URL's out there if you decide to go for good looks & sound over plain Jane reliability, good sound & ease of use like the Regas.

Hope that helps.