Magnepan True Ribbon Speaker Comparison

How does the sound of the Magnepan IIIa, 3.3r and 3.6r compare? Thanks for your help.
You need to go to planar forums to ask that.
audioasylum. com planar forum.
Also many other places talk exclusivly about Maggies.
Magnepan Users Group.
Planar asylum has huge planar board with lots of active members.
I had both the IIIa and the 3.6. The 3.6 is clearly better. Better Bass, Better integration of ribbon and panells and smother all around.

Now the price diffecrnce was substantial. I had a full refurb pr of IIIa for $1350 vs $2750 for used 3.6's.

It was worth it for me.

I would not buy used IIIa's unless they had a complete pannel rebuild. Ribbons are cheap ($100) pannels are $300 to $400 each plus shipping.
Thank you very much for your help!