Magnepan speakers and CATS?

I wonder what some of use have done when their Maggies and cats/kittens are introduced to each other.
Short of building a shelter for the maggies to cat-proof them..
What else?
When I have had cats in the house, I have used two approaches:
1. Keep the cats out of the listening room. If this is not possible,
2. Cut two squares of cardboard the width of the panels, and pierce them with carpet tacks. Put them on the floor in front of the panels, points up, when you are not around to supervise the kitters. It will only take a couple of missteps on their part to keep them away, and it won't harm them. If you don't like the tacks idea, cover the squares with double sticky carpet tape. Not quite as effective as tacks, but if it is for kittens, they won't like it...
Go to PetSmart. They carry a number of repellant items, but the coolest are these strips (meant tor laying across plant pots, etc to keep kitties away) but you can tape them to the speakers with removeable "Post=It" type ahesive tape (I think some are self-adhesive, and will stick to the grill cloth without damaging it). The cats will eventually condition themselves to keep away.
Funny, I wrote almost the exact same post some time ago. I have Maggie 1.6's and two Manx'. In the end I had a friend who likes to knitt make me two sets of little mittens. The cats don't really mind as long as they get fed...... OK, No really......... I had the same friend make me a pair of mittens for the Maggies (like big slip covers or pillow cases) that just slide over the top when I'm not using them. Works like a charm.

Wasn't there a thread on this topic some years back. Seems like it covered the gamit? from hi-tech to low-tech. Try some aluminum foil around the base, they hate the feeling of it on their pads. A story: I placed some behind my system to revent my wife's cats from jumping over my new Carver Pro Z-1600. Put some on both sides. When chasing my male cat (he got into the trash) he tried running behind the system, you should have seen him put on the brakes before touching that aluminum foil. All he could do was look up at me and let out a weak me-ow, acknowledging he had been beat.
I don't have problems with their front claws b/c they were removed a long time ago, before I ever came into their lives. Check the archives for that other tread it was pretty amusing to see what other members came up with.
Upsidedown mouse traps do a good job of training cats where they sould not go. It's great entertainment when they trip them too! :)
Buy a DOG!
No, really get Martin Logans with metal grills instead.
declaw and keep the cat inside. it will be happier and healthier, as will the maggies
now if only i could get my girlfriend's cat declawed - tho it would cost about $800-1000 where i live to have the front claws lasered which is the most humane way. not sure how some kind of plastic or other covering would stop the cat from trying to claw my maggies, the spkrs even look like cat scratch posts to me. also the dog here won't keep the cat away.