Magnepan speaker set-up

Would one get good results from suspending a mmg or a 1.6 from the ceiling, away from the back wall(for HT application). Do these speakers need to be securly planted like cone speakers to get the most benefit?
The more securely they are anchored, the better they'll image. Suspending them is not a good idea if you are interested in extracting the best from them. The Magnepan owner's forum has more info about better stands that improve on the flimsy factory feet.
Ratherbsurfn, hanging 1.6 from the ceiling has been tried without good results. Look at my review of the Myesound stands for upgrade in sonic performance that is hard to believe.
Mye Stands solidifying their position to the floor will yield the best sound.
Why would you want to suspend them? I've seen a person that hung a pair of MMG's on piano hindges as surrounds.
(1) Kid proof them

(2) Just try to make more room on the floor

(3) Didnt know if it would give the speaker a little more open sound