Magnepan Spade Lug Adapters

I just received a fantastic set of Silver Sonic T-14 speaker cables, but they are terminated in spade lugs and my Maggie 1.6QRs have non-standard binding posts which don't accept spade lugs. Supposedly there are adapters out there, but I haven't been able to find any info on them. Do they really exist? Do they affect the sound? Should I just have the cables reterminated? Anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance. Brian
will your binding posts accept banana plugs? if so. monster cable has what are called x-terminators that convert spade ends to banana plugs. i am trying them on my aliante model one pinifarina speakers and they don't seem to change the sound any. you can order them over the net at
If Calloway is correct, then the Monster Cable ones might have somewhat less of a signature than the adaptors Magnepan sells for $20. I bought them, and they do affect the sound some. Dynamics are increased, but detail is diminished, and overlaid with a tad of distortion. I attribute this to the fact that they are a solid pin, rather than a hollow one like a banana connector. So such a large piece of (mostly) copper will have significant capacitance, even though it's very short, storing current and smearing the timing of the signal a little bit. I've just been tightening the set screw onto my thick spades, which sounds best (since one leg of the spade is able to fit into the little hole). I might reterminate the cable with banana connectors on the speaker end, if I ever find any solid silver ones. I have other speakers with binding posts though, so it's not high on my to-do list...PERHAPS I'LL TRY THE MONSTER ADAPTORS that Corvette-uh...Calloway refers to.
I am using Monster Cable X-Terminators purchased from audio advisor and they don't seem to affect sound quality I tightened them to spades with small needle nose pliers and applied contact enhancer (highly recomended). Speaker cables used are MIT MH-750 Series II CVT Terminator powered by McCormack DNA-2 amp to Polk RT-20P speakers. Let me know how they work for you.
I have a pair of maggies 1.6`s ,I have the monster adapters and the maggie adapter as well , couldn`t tell the difference between the two , But could hear the difference between the adapters and bare wire. I have the T-14 and the new Q-10 on the maggies,I run spades on the amp side and bare wire on the speakers side. but if that won`t work for you , you can call Vampire wire they have an OFC adapter that I hear is the one you want over the monster.but still the bare wire is the better way [sonics] if you can keep them clean, you can clean them with Craig Pro Gold. your going to love this wire on the Maggies, one of the BEST WIRES you can get for the money!!!!! Greg