Magnepan Service HORRIBLE???

I am now into my 5th week waiting for Magnepan to evaluate shipping damage to a pair of MG 3.7's. My wife and I paid Craters and Freighters to build a custom wood crate for them so they would not be damaged further by the trip from Richmond to Minnesota.

I know everyone will say they are a small company and I need to be patient but this is ridiculous to my mind. I have called 5-6 times and the seller has also called. The last time I called Shelia acted like she had never spoken to me before despite the previous phone conversations.

I know the MG 3.7's are supposed to be sensational speakers and I bought my first pair of Magnepans in 1975 but I am seriously considering flipping these if Magnepan ever inspects and repairs them. The aggravation simply is not worth it to me.

A month and I can not even get anyone at Magnepan to open the crate, inspect them, and give me a damage estimate to provide to FedEx who is ready to pay the claim. Unfortunately, they can't pay until Magnepan provides an estimate of the damage and then I have to wait for the actual repair.

I never thought I would feel this way about Magnepan but this current situation has changed my mind to a huge extent. This is just ridiculous the way I see it and I can see no good excuse for it.
I'm not sure I understand the situation. Are you saying you bought a pair of used Maggies and that they were damaged when the seller shipped them to you, prompting you to ship them on to Magnepan for the evaluation?

If so, I wonder whether Magnepan is put off that you purchased a pair of used speakers rather than new. Just a thought.

Surprised by your troubles, often it is the smaller companies that will be most quick to respond to a situation. Even if there response was to give you a time frame or they just don't want to bother with your problem. This a courtesy no matter where the speakers begun life with you. A little attention on there part could pave the way for future sales. By yourself and others.
I was a Magnepan dealer for many years and can truly say that Magnepan is a top-notch company, founded on customer service.

I would call and ask for either Steve Winey or Wendell Diller and relate your story to them. I can guarantee you, they will get to the bottom of this.

Magnepan really is an excellent, outstanding company.