Magnepan's new LRS?

A brief blurb in Stereophile online (by Herb Reichert reporting from AXPONA 2019) gave accolades to Magnepan's new LRS. The local authorized dealer is not carrying it for unclear reasons (at least, the decision to not offer that model wasn't explained to me when I asked directly about it). Have any Forum readers had an opportunity to audition these and, if so, what's your opinion?
Never experienced any Magnepan speakers in my time.  For the price of the LRS I think I may try them. My integrated amp is a Primare i30 which is 100w in to 8 ohm and 180w into 4 ohm with a peak current of 40A.  Would the Primare i30 do justice to the LRS?
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If only Magnepan would make speakers that weren’t so ugly. WAF is very low. 
I find Magnepan's very attractive, especially with black grill cloth and cherry end caps. I consider my Tympani T-IVa's beautiful. As for WAF, who cares? Many are themselves loud speakers, and not so good looking either.
As for WAF, who cares? Many are themselves loud speakers, and not so good looking either.
@bdp24, i seriously laughed out loud when i read this. Thanks for that.