Magnepan room treatment

Hello, Has anyone had there listening room professionally treated for sound. Diffusors,bass traps. For Magnepan speakers ? If so could you chime in what has been done to your room . pictures would be great. Thanks
Check out Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound' DVD. Jim is the master of Magnepan set up, in fact he invented it and wrote the set up manuls. Perhaps if you email him (, he will directly help you.
This is quite old, from 2003 or so, but I love the way this room looks. I can only assume that is also sounds good, knowing Peter Gunn's reputation as a Magnepan guru.

Peter Gunn's Room Tweak
I had MG-1s for 20+ years and a rebuild at WhiteBear Lake. While I never got the mod-bug, they were an absolute revelation for me. Even with my original Kenwood integrated! Later, when I upgraded to a than new Carver Cube I had my eyes opened yet further.

You've given me an idea for some wall treatments which may pass the WAF test.
dont own any but I was actually talking with a dealer not long back who has a pretty extensively treated room and he was commenting that their experiments found that the 1.7 needed to be tilted back quite a bit further than the stock mounts allowed to sound "Good" no reason to doubt this or suspect room treatments were somehow flawed but you may want to also look outside the normal range of adjustments as well. sorry for the semi off topic.