Magnepan Owners

Hi - Have any of you ever changed out the standard nickel Midrange or Tweeter jumpers on your Maggie’s with something else. Or have you replaced or bypassed the tweeter/midrange fuses? The reason I’m asking is that I read a review on Absolute Sound where the reviewer did, well at least the jumpers. After looking on the internet I came across a site called Verastarr and they offer a Magnepan kit which includes jumpers and a fuse replacement. The jumpers are Cryo treated 10AWG Silver plated copper in PTFE dielectric. The fuse is replaced with a polished 99.7 pure solid silver hollow tube. I understand the warranty risk with the fuse but wanted to see if anyone has ever tried the above. Supposedly this tweak takes the Maggie’s to another level of performance. I purchased the kit on Audiogon but will most likely just use the jumpers. Please let me know if you have any experience with either.

I checked out the site and am ordering the kit for my 20.7's. I suspect it will make a difference for me... maybe because I love placebo effects, lol. Seriously, in my own experience everything matters in audio, whether it's a good change or a bad change. So I'm willing to risk $80.00 for this product.
Let me know your experience.


Are you going to replace the fuses with their silver hollow fuse replacement?


I'm not sure. I am ordering that kit. Are there options?


you get the jumpers and the fuse replacements. I'm a little nervous about using the fuse replacement

Dont be nervous unless your amp is underpowered meaning low CURRENT not wattage, or if you do silly things like change out RCA with amps on.. I’m sending a kit to a 30 year Magnepan dealer who told me never ONCE has he seen a blown fuse. Many people just bought these kits and I asked them to post results here.

@Itsky, there are no options, you remove protection for dummy mistakes. These fuses hurt the sound more than they are needed for anything.

Heavy handed ? lol, that does not blow fuses. To prove this I’m playing my 3.7i at around 100Db and taking a video. I posted it to youtube. It is not power that hurts any speaker, its distortion. If my kit broke speakers I would stop selling it. I do this to help maggie owners get the most out of their Maggie’s. I am a staunch Maggie lover. I get kidded by peers for having cheap speakers. What Ive got is smart speakers. They sound World Class at a fraction of the cost. Maggies sound horrible with fuses in, they are even bad to me with factory crossover. Not even close to balanced if you run a speaker response test. I like accuracy not flavoring, so perhaps I should state these maggie mods are in the pursuit of an accurate reference loudspeaker rather than a fun to listen to because of what its doung loudspeaker which theres a place for as well.