Magnepan owner in Tampa/Orlando?

After three attempts to give the Magnepans a listen, I've given up on the only Magnepan dealer in Tampa.

If anyone has a pair of Magnepan 1.6qr or 3.6R in the Tampa area - or say within 100 miles of Tampa --- and would be willing to allow me a listen please contact me.

Thank You
1. I can't believe that there is only one dealer within 100 miles.

2. Tell Magnepan about this dealer.
Audio Center In Fort Lauderdale 954-574-9200 sells 'em and so does Sound Components in Miami. It would probably be worth the drive.
Hi Sedona and Dolfan,
I can vouch for The Audio Center and their staff as well. They are located a few miles further north of Ft. Lauderdale. It's more like Deerfield Beach. I live in Homestead, Florida and have bought all my equipment from them. Dr. Howard Horowitz, the owner, as he and his customers like to call him is truly a doctor when it comes to audio and customer service. Definitely worth the drive!!! Tell him that Nelson Prieto from Homestead and Dolfan at Audiogon sent you over. I'll probably pay him a visit around two-three weeks from now to see what's new in the audio world and for music talk.
Good luck Sedona!!!
I certainly appreciate all the responses, however, it is almost impossible for me to get over to Fort Lauderdale -- if I somehow do manage to get to FT L, I know who to call. Once again I appreciate the advice.

Thank You