Magnepan, Ohm, Spatial or ??

I've heard the mag 1.7s and like the "openness" and other attributes.  However, the size and placement requirements are a killer for me.   I'm thinking Ohm and Spatial would be somewhat similar.  However, I can't demo them.  Any thoughts on these compared to the mags and any other "open" speakers I should consider?

Thanks all as usual!!

I've got wood floors.  If the 1000's don't work I assume I could just get the 2000s.

The question is whether the 2Ce's are too big for the room......
On upper levels I put my ohm 100s on Auralex subdude pads to tame the bass compared to foundation level. 
Isolation from suspended plywood floors is almost always a good idea IMHO. 
I interchange Maggies and Ohms with room corrected subs. The presentation is just different.  With some material I prefer the Maggies, but for most it’s Ohm.   The biggest difference  (to my ear) is the weight and body that the Ohms deliver.  On massed voices (for example), the Ohms are dramatically more realistic sounding (again MHO)
Auralex subdude pads

Oh good. More stuff to buy.  :-) 
Looks like a good idea.