Magnepan observations.

Heard my 1st Mags,in the mid 70s.Now i have a pair of MG-3.Have read many comments on Mags.Here are my own.They reproduce the music as it was recorded.After all of our tweaks,personal set up preference,and component purchases,many people are not ready for this experience.CD-R COPIES CAN VARY GREATLY FROM TRACK TO TRACK.Dont blame the MAGS.The bass response of the Mags is there.some people just assume they will need a sub or do not know how to listen.Yes Mags need a little power,but more important than watts per channel,is current the amp produces.You must give the Mags room from the walls and each other.You must be prepared for a long burn in period.I have read many comments where a person has sold their Mags,after only 3 to 6 months listening and complaining about how disappointed they are.I listen on average 6 to 8 hours a day.After 3 months the Mags are still getting better.All of us have a preference for a sound we like.Not everyone will appreciate the accuracy of, or the sound stage given by, the Mags.
Energizer that was a good commercial for Maggies. My first pair was the 3.6s but sold those and got a deal on a pair of 20.1s and never looked back. My room is plenty big enough 35' X 16' (actually an irregular width) and after adding a modified M2Tech Hiface to the system it would seem that there could be no better sound - for me. Maggies do take the power and even with 700 watts per channel I still wonder how it would sound with double the power.

You made a good choice IMO - hope you get the most out of them and enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine.
Hi Puerto.yes i did sound like a commercial.Did not mean to.Just trying to clear a few things up.Mags are not for every one.But a lot of listeners miss the boat.
I've owned Maggies for OVER 30 years.
My original MG-1 panels, bought used, went thru a rebuild in White Bear Lake and were sold a few years ago to be replaced by 1.6s

Try flipping them around. Swap 'em back 2 front. If you like it better, try THAN swapping them left / right to get the tweeters back outside.

Cheapest improvement I ever made.

PS: older panels were made to have the magnets on the front. I don't know when that happened, but when I noticed it is when I rotated them. Better!
Thanks magfan,i will give that a try.
I wonder how much of the "burn in" with Maggies is just our ears getting used to the very different type of sound they put out.

I used to have planar magnetic computer speakers growing up. I switched to standard dynamic type speaker a few years back. Since then every time I go back and forth between dynamic & planar magnetic it takes a few minutes for me to acclimate to each speaker's respective sound.

That being said I just got the MMG's (waiting on the 1.7's to come in) and they do seem to have a considerable burn in time.

That being said, as time goes on they do seem to keep getting sweeter and sweeter (regardless of the cause of this perception). I'm about 2 months in at this point and loving them.

I don't get the whole room placement problem everyone mentions though. I've experimented with various placements and they all seem to sound great. Whether they're 2 feet off the wall, 5 feet off the wall, doesn't seem to matter as long as you aren't right on the wall.
mmgs are the best speaker for the money ever made. you can learn about acoustics and work to make them better. i,ve never heard a speaker do what they do. very unique and interesting.i,ve had b and w, ohm f's celestions, mb quart, mission,dcm,polk advent,dahlquist, kef, genesis speakers over the last 30 years with gear like mcintosh, luxman, decco, cyrus, nakamichi. magnepans are the most fun to listen to and unique transducers i,ve ever owned. i.ll get more gear but will always have a pr of magnepans, preently using emotiva gear for values sake and the results are very good. this is subjective obviously and i,ve never owned the super expensive gear like wilson and acoustic research but i,m sure they are incredible. but for value consider advents in 1976 for 300 dollars or mmgs in 2010 for 600. if you index the dollar value magnepan is a very ggod value
Thanks for the commercial on behalf of Magnepan.I think musically my ears are a bit pre pubescent so on your advice I might just have to pass them by until I am
when you are older you will wake up and realize what you missed lol yourself
Keep in mind that
'Youth is wasted on the Young.':: George Bernard Shaw::

lol, indeed
yeah thanks, i didn't realize writing your opinions here would get you trashed as a dinosaur writing commercials. oh well back to listening to music.ha i was going to comment on my audi having better handling than a ford picup truck but now i,m scared to voice my opinion
Hotmail, I'm on your side.
I've also owned panels since at least the early '80s.....before I even bought a CD player...and I WAS the first kid on the block with one....which I still have.

The MMG just happens to BE a good value. I remember the Original Advent advert or article saying something like..... 'The difference between the best sounding cost-no-object speaker and the Advent is a huge amount of money and negligible when you sit down and listen'.
people loved those advent speakers. this was the late 70s and at the store i worked at we even demo'd double advents stacked for listening. but the dahlquist dq 10s were the speakers that got me interested in the better stuff and thats when i found magnepans. somewhere in archives there is an article review, by Holt i think, lauding the advents.